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The #Lowdown on How Social Media is Changing the News Industry

Posted by Haley Haas on Sep 10, 2014 9:06:58 AM

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have recently announced they are expecting baby number two! Without the adored social media platform, Twitter, I would not have been able to share in their happiness. Like many of my colleagues, I am in what’s known as the college bubble, where the only real breaking news I hear pertains to what is going on around campus. After hearing the news that the absolutely perfect Kate Middleton will be producing a second chubby-cheeked prince or princess, I realized that without social media I would be lost when it came to current world news.

With this realization, I debated, is social media slowly taking over the news industry? Well, #yes!

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become increasingly popular mediums in the news industry to send and receive information at a faster rate, while reaching a broader audience. Because these sites provide a live feed, journalists are given the opportunity to broadcast minute-to-minute updates to their followers. How else would we be updated every millisecond when Prince George’s sibling arrives?


When it comes to the digital generation, social media sites have become a major medium for receiving and consuming news. Twitter and Facebook can easily be used to search specific news stories that follow users interests. It makes consuming news that much easier for tech savvy college students, like myself.

These social media platforms also provide an opportunity for the regular person to become a journalist. Anyone with the basic knowledge of social media has the ability to broadcast their own minute-to-minute updates of their lives. Though his or her tweets or status’ might not get national recognition like popular news station’s social media would, it gives everyone a chance to provide the world a news story.

So, when the time comes for the genetically blessed royal baby to arrive, look to social media sites to get second-by-second live updates.

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