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14 Common Misconceptions About College Events

Posted by Chelsea Phillips on Feb 27, 2015 9:27:00 AM


School is great, but lets be honest, college kids love a good experience. Marketing college events can come with the good, the bad and the ugly with tons of misconceptions that you did not ask for. Check out this list of 14 common misconceptions about college events given by students themselves.

  1. Every event includes alcohol. Most colleges and universities are dry campuses meaning alcohol is not permitted. With the average age of college students being 18-22 years old and the legal drinking age at 21, the best bet is for colleges and universities to stay away from alcohol because of the risk of under aged drinking. Therefore, if it is a university-sponsored event and alcohol is permitted, checking IDs should be strictly enforced.
  2. It will be tons of fun. All events are not meant to be extremely fun. Some are meant to be informative, but informative does not mean it will not be enjoyable. There’s an event for everyone! If you do not consider an event “fun,” do not fret. There will be more in the future to choose from that caters to you.
  3. An event means it is a party. So not true! The very first event I attended at my University was a networking opportunity. No party there! There were so many people in attendance that had previously been in my shoes that helped me figure out my college plans.
  4. The event is always free. Because there is a possibility that an outside organization or company may sponsor an “event”, the costs might be offset. However, because it is a college or university, it shouldn’t be too pricy! Bringing a few bucks should allow you to gain entrance to this event.
  5. The event is a fundraiser. Not true either. Some events are sponsored by the University, and actually have a built-in budget to host some free, fun, or informative events. Enjoy these! They’re usually enjoyable, and if not they're beneficial.
  6. People know each other before the event. This definitely does not hold itself to be true. Some people come to events to meet and greet with new faces. Plus, who doesn’t love meeting new people?
  7. It has no substance. There is purpose behind everything! Whether it is a fundraiser or a social event, every college event idea has meaning behind it. Although it may not cater to you, it can benefit someone else.
  8. That there will be food. College kids love food. Yes, we know. Shoot, we all love food. Although some events may have food, do not bank on going to an event and leaving with a full stomach.
  9. It will last very long. Let’s be realistic. Who wants to sit anywhere for a long period of time? No one. Not even the people hosting the event. An average event lasts roughly 2-3 hours.
  10. That the event has a dress code. Unless this is stated on the event’s flier, do not assume you have a dress code. Most events are casual!
  11. It is for academic purposes. Although some events can be related to school, it may not necessarily cater to academics. Again, events can be informative, fun or social.
  12. Attendance will be low. In order for an event have a successful turnout it has to be publicized. Think about how you initially heard about the event. Whether it was word of mouth or on social media, if a mass audience was informed and it seems appealing, it will more than likely have a great turn out.
  13. Most attendees are underclassmen. Hey, what’s wrong with underclassmen? We have all been in that position before! While it may be true for underclassmen to attend events, it may be because it is easily accessible, they don’t have a busy schedule or they are trying to meet new people. Do not let this deter you from an event.
  14. That it will be unorganized. Whether you’ve planned an event before or not, understand that they are well thought out and most are organized. However, every once in a while, we can come across and event that may have been poorly planned, souring our opinion about all events. Do not let this be the case! Give events that you are interested in a chance!

The best advice we have for you is to experience an event on your own. Do not let misconceptions or opinions of others steer you away from them. After all, someone thinks out every event with your best interest at heart!

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