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3 Signs Your School should invest in Inbound Marketing

Posted by Courtney Kennedy on Mar 13, 2015 10:43:00 AM


Are you feeling like your school could use some help gaining better qualified applicants? Maybe you want to track how well your marketing strategies are working for your college, but do not have any methods in place to do so? If you think there has to be a better way to market specifically to the type of students you want to attract, you would be right.

Inbound marketing focuses specifically on putting it out there and letting the consumer come to you. Schools can benefit from this tactic because they need a lot of qualified students to apply to keep their enrollment and retention numbers up.

Here are three signs that your school could really benefit from inbound marketing:

1. You are sending out informational brochures and postcards and not getting much of a response.

These days, reaching out to the masses and hoping for a great return is not what works. The key is to let interested consumers find and come to you. Figure out your buyer personas, or your ideal customers, and market specifically to those people. That way, your school has the best chance of recruiting the top students.

2. You are not satisfied with the quality of your applicants.

In order for the most well-rounded students to apply to your school, they need to be able to find your school. Using keywords that parents and students are searching for will help spruce up your SEO (or search engine optimization,) and make your school more easily found on search engines.

3. You are not getting as many social media impressions as you would like.

Without the best SEO, your school's social media is probably lacking followers. With all this great content your school is posting, you definitely do not want people to miss it! Using the right keywords and promoting your social accounts can get your social media popping up on the right peoples' searches.

In conclusion, schools should invest in inbound marketing to get more applications from better students, get their name out on more search engines and connect with students and parents that will have the best fit at their university. If your school is interested in getting started, download our free consultation for higher education in bound marketing and start by letting us tell you how you are doing so far!


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