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4 Inspirational Marketing Tips to Jump Start Your New Year

Posted by Don Crow on Jan 16, 2015 10:49:00 AM
Raise your hand if you've heard, "new year, new me" just a few too many times. Right. We all have.

However, your marketing plan shouldn't be a once per year exercise, and sometimes a calendar event (Happy New Year!) is a great catalyst to reach into the file cabinet, take out that plan, dust if off, and re-energize it with fresh aplomb.

I'm sharing four of my favorite quotes along with a brief, personal introduction. I hope you'll find some inspiration in these and use at least one of them to reevaluate and improve your business in 2015!

1. There's no substitute for action:

While it's important to have a direction it's equally important to have an action oriented timeline in the very near future. I always err on the side of, "could we launch this today?" 

Start. Those waiting for the perfect day will delay to start someday. Someday isn’t an actual day. Don’t think your idea or vision has to be perfect, believe me it’s not. You find perfection through countless hours at focusing and developing your craft, which includes many failures. So don’t start someday, start Monday.
– Micah Dison, Liberty Mutual

2. Never Give Up!:

If I'd bailed out everytime something appeared to be off course, there's no telling where I'd be today. I'm not sure I would qualify to sell hammers at The Home Depot because I'd have such a horrible resume. Instead, I evaluated what was working and where we needed a simple adjustment versus tossing the whole strategy out the window. Don't get me wrong, waiting is tough. Having patience to see something through the correct way takes discipline and focus. 

The key to any marketing strategy is stick with it. In most cases, you won’t see a return for the first couple months. Many business owners make the mistake of spreading themselves too thin by focusing on five or six verticals at a time and end up abandoning everything before it actually starts working. The key to success when in startup mode is FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!!!
– Matt Gehrman , Cityscape Insurance

3. It's never too late to start anything:

By today's 20-something, hoodie wearing, billion dollar valuation app startup standards, I'm admittedly very late to the party. I began Verge Pipe Media as a blog in the summer of 2010 when I was just north of 40 years of age. I'd dabbled in entrepreneurship since I was six years of age, but I'd never taken the jump without either a co-founder or the safety net of a corporate day job. While I was a young leader in the US Army, I wrote notes to myself about what worked and didn't work in leading people. While climbing the corporate ladder of AOL, I made lots of notes about marketing, operations, global operations, and more. And sadly, while working for Auburn University, I made some notes about what I didn't want in a company. the point is, I was preparing for my, "start" my entire life.  

When you first get out of school, you’re ready to take the world by storm. Best advice I ever got: Make your mistakes working for someone else. Learn from their experiences while you get your own.
– Jeanine Noegel,

4. Commit to life long learning:

The pace of change in today's business world is staggering, plus there's always someone out there who has their crosshairs on your business. You can't manage your competition and you shouldn't want to. All you can control is you. Period. So make 'you' the best possible leader by always reading, networking with people who are in positions you aspire to be, and setting personal development goals throughout your life.

“In order to EARN more, you have to LEARN more.”
– Cathy Emma,



I firmly believe that even in today's instant gratification society that having a solid marketing strategy that you invest in over time pays off. As a business leader, you have to have the discipline, focus, smarts, and plain old guts to see it though.

I hope my 4 inspirational marketing tips to jump start your new year pay off for you in 2015!

Now, go start.

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