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4 Reasons to Give Thanks to Higher Education

Posted by Don Crow on Nov 17, 2014 9:10:00 AM

Listen up higher education institutions! With the quick approach of the Thanksgiving holiday, we wanted to take a moment and let you know everything that we (undergraduate students) are thankful for when it comes to our time spent at and interacting with the university. It may seem students do nothing but complain about things that aren’t up to their satisfaction so we figured it was time to break the mold and let you know you are indeed doing most things right.


4 Reasons to give thanks to Higher Education

1. Inclusion of technology in classrooms and elsewhere: Here’s a mind blowing thought: most juniors in College got their first cellphone in the sixth grade - that’s age 11! We have practically grown up with technology in the palm of our hands and therefore most of us are up with the latest tech inventions and trends. We can confidently say we appreciate your efforts to integrate technology into the classroom and outside of it. With tools like the iclicker, cell phone aps and Ebooks our academic lives become more convenient and relevant to today’s world. We can’t thank you enough for actually acknowledging our participation in class through the iclicker, or saving our shoulders from pain by making Ebooks an option. It’s important that as the world progresses, higher ed does too! So bravo to you for doing just that.

2. Listening to our wants and needs: Don’t worry, we definitely see you are trying to satisfy our requests/combat our complaints in our four years spent on campus. Whether it involves fulfilling simple requests such as adding more seating to dining establishments or giving us safe transportation at all times of the day - we are thankful. It’s definitely important to keep students happy on campus and you are doing just that by paying attention to our voice as a student body.

3. Increased social media relations: Your decision to become a part of the social media sphere has been a huge blessing. Speaking for college students everywhere, we thank you for biting the bullet. Colleges’ use of social media to inform their students about pertinent information has made the life of an undergrad that much easier. Before social media was the “it” way to communicate, it was difficult to get time sensitive information out to students. Now that universities use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and maybe even SnapChat, students have become better informed of on-campus happenings. Among many other things to be #thankful for this holiday season, students at every university could not be more grateful for their schools Facebook page, and all other forms of social media.

4. Opportunity for career development: Growing up every parents dream is to see their child succeed, and when they ship their youthful 18 year old off to school for their freshmen year of college, that school takes the reigns in wanting their students to succeed in the career world. Universities have upped their game, and have been more interactive in their students’ career development by offering a multitude of sources, tools and opportunities. Undergrad resume building classes, encouragement to participate in on-campus organizations, and constant updates about internship and work opportunities give students all they need to succeed in the business world. Keeping students well connected on and off campus, and informing them when opportunities for possible jobs/internships arise have been helpful for students to gain real life work experience before graduating. Colleges have been doing a swell job in students’ career development skills, so cheers to all you higher ed institutions and thanks for giving us the tools and opportunities we need to succeed!

There you have it, four things you’ve done right and we have noticed! Now give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy the holiday feast without stress.

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