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4 Reasons your Alumni Association should use inbound marketing

Posted by Megan Anglin on Mar 23, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Alumni associations are being overlooked by many soon-to-be graduates or recently graduated alumni. The influx of social media has lessened the need for an alumni association in many graduates eyes, due to the ease of networking that social media provides. Likewise, many recent graduates or soon-to-be graduates view alumni associations as simply a fundraising tactic rather than understanding all the benefits an alumni association has to offer.

Many universities struggle to attract college seniors or recent graduates when encouraging individuals to join their alumni association due to the common stigma that alumni associations are just for fundraising. Hiring a community manager who is well trained in inbound marketing may be your university's key to alumni association success.



Employing a community manager who is well versed in inbound marketing is just your first step. You'll then need to Equip them with these methodologies that make it all come together! When you're out looking for your next community manager, make sure to consider our tips below so you can begin implementing your new strategy immediately.

1. To show off your great benefits

Health insurance, online shopping, and local eateries are among some of the discounts offered to members of Auburn University’s Alumni Association members. Alumni associations across the country offer numerous benefits to their members. Some of the major benefits include a huge network of resources, career services, and financial services. Many college seniors and recent graduates are unaware of these extra  benefits alumni associations provide. Inbound marketing tactics can help your association show off what it has to offer.

2. To attract new graduates who often overlook outbound marketing tactics

In todays world, millennials are constantly bombarded with information and advertisements. Catching college seniors and recent graduates attention with traditional outbound marketing strategies is becoming increasingly difficult. With inbound marketing tools, your alumni association can provide information that is interesting and helpful to millenials through blogs and social media. Attracting recent graduates, rather than bombarding them with traditional outbound methods, makes them more likely to be an active part of your alumni association.

3. To save money

Outbound marketing tactics such as mass emails, commercials, and post cards are extremely time consuming, expensive, and are often overlooked by the desired audience anyway, further driving up costs. Inbound marketing tactics such as blogging, video mareketing, and targeted posting on social media is a cost effective way to attract new alumni association members. Once systems like HubSpot are set up for your association, inbound marketing conserves time and makes tracking return on investment much easier.

4. To form a stronger sense of community

Inbound marketing tactics allow your association to form personal bonds with potential members as well as existing association members. Having a community manager to manage social media sites and interact with alumni makes communication more personal and forms stronger connections. More personal connections leads to more involvement. More involvement and engagement helps an alumi association acheive its goals more more effectively.

Overall, inbound marketing can help your alumni association thrive by attracting (not bombarding) ideal members, saving you money, and forming a stronger membership. To learn more about inbound marketing tactics and the major role it can play in higher educaiton institutions, click below to download our FREE eBook.

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