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4 Tips On Using Video for Marketing Your Brand - Transcript

Posted by Chad Oliver on Dec 10, 2015 9:00:00 AM
Online video marketing has been proven to be an effective means of sharing your brand. But it only works if your videos are good and used effectively. Here are four best practices to consider so that your videos are being used to best tell your story. If you're looking for the vlog version of this blog, see it here, and then feel free to come back to the blog of the vlog. Confusing?


Number one, brevity is next to godliness.

People check out after a while if your video is too long. Think about it, if you see a nine minute video, even if it’s about something you love, you probably aren’t going to watch the whole thing. Attention spans are really short online so if you’re trying to sell someone on your company, brevity is key. Shoot for 2-3 minutes tops.

If you feel like you must get some extra information in and you don’t have time in a three minute video. Add a link to a blog or your website where they can learn more about you. But don’t cram it all into one video.

Number two, know your story.

Don’t deliver a scatter-minded video. Know your story and make it concise. Every word and very frame in your video needs to serve that story. And your video story should match your company’s story so be sure to use this platform to show off your brand. Even if that just means adding a logo to the corner of your screen.

Number three, utilize all social media platforms.

Definitely upload your videos to YouTube, but don’t ONLY upload it to YouTube. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even Vine are all good platforms to upload videos to and share your brand but be sure to make each video specific to the platform you are sharing to. For example. A three minute video could be uploaded to YouTube or Facebook, but Instagram has a fifteen second limit to it. And Vine has a six second limit. One useful thing to do is to find a short high light clip from your longer video and use Instagram or Vine to advertise your other video with a link in the description.

Another quick tip is when uploading to Facebook, upload straight to Facebook, don't just share a link from youtube. You will get a lot more hits and it will look a lot clearer.

Number four, remember to have fun with it.

You should never make a video unless you think it’s something you would enjoy as a viewer. If you’re bored with it and it’s your company, I guarantee you someone who randomly comes across your video on YouTube will think its boring too. And since the goal is to get people to watch your video, you should make it fun. 

B-Roll is an excellent way to give your video more visual dynamics and it could be a good place to add some life to a stale talking head video. Nobody wants to sit through an entire video of just watching a person talk, so break it up with some B-Roll. If they talk about coffee, show footage of coffee so we get a break from the speaker’s face. 



Shooting excellent video content is only a small part of what we do at Verge Pipe Media. Inbound Marketing is all about creating content on multiple platforms that customers will want to interact with. To find out more about an effective inbound strategy click below for a FREE eBook.

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