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5 Companies Doing Social Media Right

Posted by Don Crow on Nov 25, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Customers pay the bills and great customer service is what make them come back and do it again.


Businesses are always looking for unique ways to improve customer service. Zappos requires every single employee in its corporate office train in customer service by taking calls in the customer service call center for a month. Hyatt took nine of its hotels and began testing new ideas on customers which was a lot cheaper than implementing policies in all its hotels.

Social media has an outlet for everything, and more companies are turning to it as a platform for customer service.

Here are five companies doing social media right.


Giantnerd sells equipment for outdoor activities like hiking and biking. It's implemented a “one-click” process on its site, where if a customer makes one click, he has just joined its entire social media network and by doing so will receive a new membership which gives a "Nerds receive 5 percent off” promotional discount.

Its Like button for Facebook is positioned in different places throughout the site, and if a visitor clicks the Like button, he will receive special offers and exclusive deals.

The concept: Let your customers be the ones to sell your brand. What better way to offer great customer service than to have your customers become your friends before they purchase anything?


Lifelock, the leading company for identity protection, introduced its ingenious #ShareAwesome campaign using its Twitter account. The campaign shows ways to address important issues for online safety in a positive way. To make the campaign fun, National PTA partnered up with Lifelock and started the campaign with a contest to promote healthy use of technology. Kids ages 13-17 can share “awesome decisions they have made or awesome moments they experience” on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, with the hashtag #ShareAwesome. Finalists will submit a video that promotes and encourages #ShareAwesome at their schools and among friends. The grand prize is a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and a $2,500 scholarship.

The concept: Create and reward your audience. By creating this campaign, Lifelock has engaged an audience, targeted and rewarded a specific demographic and promoted its brand.

Emmy’s Closet

Emmy’s Closet is an online store that sells children’s accessories and has teamed up with Etsy to combine social media with direct purchase.

Visitors can use an app created by Etsy to allow them to browse and purchase merchandise through Facebook. It has share buttons incorporated throughout its site. Through the fan’s profile page, friends can click through and purchase products from Emmy’s Closet, and Etsy, too.

The concept: Combining social media with direct purchasing is a great e-commerce solution for excellent customer service.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is known for its outstanding healthy foods and a lot of it has to do with being a presence on at least seven social media sites, all dedicated to excellent customer service.

To ensure that its doing it the right way, the market has a social media team was designed to specifically monitor its social media customer service accounts. When the team sees a comment or question, a team member will personally reply and take note of which location the comment came from.

The concept: Make true connections with potential customers so that you are seen in a more personal light.

Walt Disney

Never one to do things simply, Disney has more than 1,000 social media accounts to divide its brand into parts. Instead of having one big Disney Facebook page, it has a page for all its movies and characters, thus targeting specific people, gaining insight into their preferences and providing convenience for visitors who don't want to wade through thousands of pages to find exactly what they need.

The concept: By breaking down the company’s product, the company creates ease and convenience of the brand for the visitor, thus encouraging more interaction for the specific product.

Social media is an excellent way to build outstanding customer service for any business. By using all applicable social media resources, not only will a company gain insight as to what the visitors are looking for in a company, it will bring in loyal customers who, because of a company’s social media account, already want to be there.

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