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5 Companies Doing Social Media Right, Take Notes

Posted by Kelvin Mastin on May 27, 2015, 9:08:04 AM

We all know that having a social media presence is critical for keeping students engaged and informed, especially over the summer. But, do we all know how to utilize social media to get the best results? If you find that your social media accounts aren't doing what you want, consider these five examples of companies doing social media right. 


1. Pizza Hut

With over twenty-six million followers between Facebook and Twitter, Pizza Hut is great at using popular trends to leverage their delicious pies. Everyone has taken a selfie or five every now and then. Pizza Hut plays off that trend to market their new Bigger Flavor Dipper pizza with their Bigger Pizza means Bigger Selfie slogan. Watch their hilarious selfie stick PSA here.

2. Carmike Cinemas

This movie king is another good example of how to use fun status updates and hashtags to engage with customers. Carmike Cinemas is also great at running special promotions for their followers. Currently they're running a promotion for a free drink for everyone who likes their page if they get to 700,000 likes on Facebook by May 31st. 

3. The Home Depot

This home improvement company [Tim Taylor man grunt] is great at using their Facebook page for customer service needs. They listen to complaints posted on their wall and respond in kind with comfort and solutions. This shows their customers or anyone watching that they care.

4. Pretzelmaker

Pretzelmaker does an awesome job creating a conversation with their followers by posting fun questions that get their followers engaged in talking about their warm, sweet pretzels. They also comment back to their customers and thank them for their business. Saying thank you is always a good idea. 

5. Bank of America

This bank is a pro at inbound marketing techniques. They use Twitter and Facebook to educate people about better money habits and business plans. They focus on solving problems for people rather than promoting all of their services, which is key.

People want to engage with companies who will converse with them on their level. Be witty, be funny, be creative. Also, listening and responding to your followers on social media makes them happy which could hopefully turn them into your very own commision-free promoters! Click below to find out more on how to use Twitter to help grow your engagement!

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