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5 Higher Ed Blogs you can learn from

Posted by Eric Callaghan on Oct 8, 2015 9:34:19 AM

Today, there seems to be a blog that details every subject under the sun. From fashion to sports to cooking to digital marketing (hey that's us!), every subject is researched, written about and shared on social media. Higher education is no exception. Universities and colleges have jumped on the blogging train as of late and if you're in a college marketing department, you should take a look at these five higher ed blogs you can learn from to improve your overall marketing strategy.5 Higher Ed Blogs You Can Learn From

1. NPR Ed -Higher ed

nprEd's higher ed blog covers just about everything higher ed related in their content. From podcasts, to radio segments, to relevant news articles and more, they do an excellent job of keeping their readers and subscribers up to date on teaching methods, new ways of learning, innovative practices in the industry and the overall college experience through different narratives.

What you can learn from it: nprEd does an excellent job of canvassing the industry in their content. A wide range of relevant content can open the eyes of your audience to issues they may not be knowledgeable about, in this case: political and financial influences on college students and organizations. Another thing to learn from nprEd is the variation in how their audience digests their content. They balance written content with videos and podcast-type radio snippets. Video and audio can make your content easily digestible for your audience on the go and keeps things more interesting for them. 

2. EdTech

While nprEd's higher ed blog offers a wide perspective on higher ed as a whole, for a narrowed focus on higher ed technology, check out EdTech. EdTech, though more of an online magazine than a blog, looks at new technologies and how educators and students can best utilize them to advance the learning experience in the digital age. Posts look at apps to help students study, how video streaming can change the classroom experience and several more detailing technology's implementation in the classroom. 

What you can learn from it: EdTech is a great example for a specific college to base their blog on. Take engineering for example. New technologies and gadgets that can be applicable to areas in engineering could be a great place to start for a college of engineering blog. Likewise, other colleges could make use of new learning technologies and write about how they can be applied to their respective fields. By taking a look at some of the inventions that EdTech covers, colleges can tailor the information to fit their own experience and industry.

3. The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education has about a dozen different blogs that will detail different topics. They include the following: the finance behind higher ed, admissions, college facilities, research, college sports and more. While nprEd is one blog that has a wide range of topics, The Chronicle of Higher Education has specific blogs for each topic which allows further detail into each.

5 Higher Ed Blogs You Can Learn FromBottom Line
Following the money in higher education.

5 Higher Ed Blogs You Can Learn FromBuildings & Grounds
College facilities.

5 Higher Ed Blogs You Can Learn FromData Points
Stories, not statistics.

5 Higher Ed Blogs You Can Learn FromHead Count
Admissions and enrollment.

5 Higher Ed Blogs You Can Learn FromPlayers
The business of college sports.

5 Higher Ed Blogs You Can Learn FromPercolator
Research that matters.

5 Higher Ed Blogs You Can Learn FromSay Something
College life, one student at a time.

5 Higher Ed Blogs You Can Learn FromThe Ticker
The biggest, newest, and weirdest in higher ed.

5 Higher Ed Blogs You Can Learn FromWired Campus
The latest on tech and education.


What you can learn from it: The organization of The Chronicle of Higher Education can be something to look at if you're a university with multiple colleges under your umbrella. You could have a blog for each college, or if you're a smaller college, each school or department. It would allow you to explore each industry regularly and in depth instead of jumping from topic to topic with every post.

4. Voice of America - The Student Union

For a student perspective, check out The Student Union. Per their own about section, "A place to hear stories about studying in the U.S. Our bloggers have come from all over the world to U.S. universities, and they'll be sharing their experiences, advice and more." They give the reader a point-of-view look into the college experience around the country for students of all different backgrounds. The blog offers an interesting look at the diversity of students in the globalized world.

What you can learn from it: For almost any university or college blog, the audience is going to want to know about the people involved. Whether it's students, faculty or staff, people with interesting back stories are a draw for an audience. Your university could do a student or faculty spotlight-type blog that showcases a different person's background and life story and how it connects to the university.

5. Faculty Focus

Faculty Focus can be another tool for you faculty to learn from. Teaching strategies are the main focus.  It details grading techniques, how to monitor online courses and just about everything else that a professor needs to know in the 21st century.

What you can learn from it: While your faculty stands to learn a lot from Faculty Focus, your bloggers can to. Faculty Focus writes to their audience tremendously well and if your college or university is considering a blog for professors to learn from then this is a great template to base your college or university blog on. 

Now that you have a few ideas for setting up your higher ed blog, take a look at what other inbound practices can do for your higher ed brand. Download the FREE case study to learn about how Verge Pipe Media used inbound marketing for the Harbert College of Business at Auburn University to grow their brand.

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