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5 Major Keys to Grow a Blog

Posted by Maddie Coats on Feb 24, 2016 8:00:00 AM

A blog post about blogging. Seems pretty meta, right? Whether you are new to the blogging game or have been at it for a while, there is always a common goal: growth. However, the key to growing a blog is not just writing outstanding content. There are many working pieces and parts in the assembly line of a blog post. Here are the 5 major keys to grow a blog to increase traffic, engage readers, and help it reach its full potential.




The title is the first thing visitors will look at on a blog. If it doesn’t connect with them, then they already scrolled past it about thirty seconds ago. The blog title needs to catch the eye, but it must also present a clear vision so the full message is projected to the audience. Achieve this by including keywords or phrases to attract the right visitors. The title sets up the reader's expectations for what the post will be about. Make sure the title has everything to do with the content to meet the reader's expectations, if not, they may never return to your site. 



No one is going to continue reading if your blog looks ugly. Just being honest. The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” does not apply here. Add images to make it aesthetically tasteful, but don’t over-do it. Whitespace, or as Taylor Swift would say, “blank space,” is just as important to help the content smooth out and stand out. If you want your content to have that "wow" factor it can't just be words on a page. Slow down and take the time to make your content look great. 


3. DON'T PUT THE READER TO SLEEPWorking Hard-3.jpg

In today’s world, most people are skimming content to find information that is important to them. This is why it’s crucial that your blog is organized and reader friendly. Don’t bore people with long paragraphs that are hard to absorb, especially on a smartphone or tablet. Break up the text using headers, numbers, bolding, and bullet points. For example, if someone came to this post only wanting to know about SEO, it is easily found in the header and won't be a needle in a haystack of one long paragraph. 



Everything else on this list is useless if no one can find your blog. Search engine optimization refers to techniques to make content more visible on search engines. Optimize a blog by including a long-tail keyword in the title, body, meta description, and URL. Linking previous content can increase authority and lead to a higher position on searches. Something we do here at Verge Pipe Media is analyze our blogs’ past performances in order to re-post evergreen content (past content that is still relevant today) and to see what topics people are responding to. At the end of the day, the most traffic to your page will come from search engines, but only if you are using SEO to your advantage. 



A quality blog always has a call to action. What is it that you want people to do after they’ve read your content? Share it on social media? Leave a comment? Subscribe? Whatever it may be, tell the readers! A call to action is necessary to expose your blog to a larger audience. Make sure to include links so people can share your content on social media. How do you think DJ Khaled became the King of Snapchat? By encouraging his followers to tweet about his snaps! The same principle applies to blogging, and to this blog! Share this post, you know you want to.

At Verge Pipe Media, we practice what we preach. We write a lot about the importance of bloggging and how it is key to the inbound methodology. Blogging, when done correctly, not only helps grow our company, but can help yours as well. To learn even more about the inbound methodolgy and how we can assist you in your pursuit of more qualified leads, click below to download our FREE eBook about the 5 Core Services of Inbound Marketing.

 5 Core Services of Inbound (updated)


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