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5 Reasons You Must Have Mobile Optimization

Posted by Kelvin Mastin on Aug 5, 2015 8:33:05 AM

According to the Pew Internet Project, 64 percent of American adults own a smartphone and 42 percent of American adults own a tablet. These statistics don’t include the number of teens and younger kids who own every kind of electronic device that allows internet surfing. With these statistics, mobile web page viewing is more important than ever. Here are five more reasons you need to optimize your website for mobile viewing.


1. Mobile internet users have unique habits

People who surf the internet on their phones or tablets are typically visiting your site while they are doing other things such as watching TV, working, playing games, and sometimes while sitting at a desktop computer. Mobile users are also more likely to spend more money on online transactions than traditional purchases. A study by Adobe Digital Marketing Insights show that tablet users spend approximately 50 percent more on online purchases than smartphone users.

2. Load speeds have improved

Normal web pages take longer to load than optimized pages. If your website takes more than three seconds to load, mobile users are more likely to leave your site and never go back. Optimized websites load faster, keeping mobile users on your site for a longer period of time allowing you to delight and entice your mobile customers. 

3. Mobile optimization creates better brand engagement

Mobile users have a better opinion of your business when they have a smooth, quick mobile experience, and they are more likely to come back to your website. If the mobile experience you provide is not up to par, users might not even come back to your website on a desktop computer. Having a clean, smooth experience across devices creates a solid, unified brand experience that can attract and convert mobile users. 

4. Mobile optimization improves SEO

Google's Hummingbird update is perhaps one of the most important reasons you need to optimize your website for mobile use. If your website is not easily viewable on mobile devices, your search engine rankings will suffer considerably. Some of the larger, global companies with established brand names may be able to stand this loss for a time, but over time this loss in exposure will ultimately hurt the sales for any business. For more search engine optimization tips, click here.

5. Poor optimization costs you money

If your website is hard to view on mobile, you will be missing out on sales leads. A website that doesn't load fast enough or doesn't load all of the calls-to-action and brand messages will cause mobile users to run far away from your site, and they may never come back. Optimizing your website will allow you to entice new customers and hopefully gain some sales leads. 

Mobile optimization could not be more important for your business. Poor optimization costs you brand experience, search engine rankings, sales leads, and it simply costs you money. Mobile website viewing is another way to connect to your customers in the way they need to be connected to. If you make that experience smooth and enjoyable, you can turn attracted users into sales leads and satisfied customers.

Redesigning your website for mobile is important, but if your normal website isn't up to par you have more work to do. If you think redesigning your website is going to be painful, click below to discover six reasons it won't be as problematic as you think. Reasons Your Website Redesign Won't be as Painful as You Think CTA

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