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5 Ways Content Marketing Can Change Your Business Today

Posted by Don Crow on Nov 7, 2014 7:30:00 AM

According to Custom Content Council, 61 percent of consumers feel more confident about a company delivering custom content. How confident? Respondents said they were also more likely to buy from those companies. Meanwhile, Social Media B2B reported that companies with blogs generate 67 percent more leads every month than those who don't blog.


There are endless stats on how content from blogging to video can enhance your conversions and online traffic. To get started, try these 5 ways content marketing can change your business today.

Get a Mobile Strategy

Mobile is not just a passing trend as more consumers take to their smartphones than ever before. Morgan Stanley reported that mobile search would overtake desktop activity by 2015.

Where do you start? You could hire a content marketer specializing exclusively in mobile to give your company an overhaul. But there are simple ways you can infuse more mobile content in your marketing strategy. Try using larger fonts to make reading from a smartphone easier, use compelling eye-catching headlines and incorporate stunning images. Using videos in your blog posts and homepage are also a great way to keep your mobile audience engaged.

Use Responsive Design

Take an all-encompassing approach to content marketing with responsive design. This technique focuses on building websites that work seamlessly on mobile devices, laptops, tablets and other gadgets. The idea is you want the same website code to work on any device instead of just a laptop or desktop. Content should be easy to read without re-sizing and scrolling and make it intuitive and easy for your audience to use.

How big of a difference can responsive design actually make? Econsultancy reported that State Farm saw a spike in conversion rates up to 56 percent by using a responsive design. Giving your audience a simple way to access your content and use it seamlessly could mean the difference between a sale and getting passed up for the competition.

Video Will Be King

Stop thinking you can just continue blogging and releasing white papers and other static text content and still attract an audience. According to Cisco, video will account for 69 percent of consumer Internet traffic by 2017.

Stay ahead of the curve and add more video content across your marketing channels now. Finding high-quality stock footage can help give some variety and engagement to your blog. Next, add videos that showcase information about your company or product for your blog, interview customers and post it on YouTube and use short six-second Vines to both entertain and inform.

Produce High-Quality Content

In the early days of the Internet and branded websites, it was enough to put up a homepage and launch a blog. Today in a rapidly growing world of content and social sharing, not all content is created equally. Whether you’re pinning photos on Pinterest, creating blog content or producing videos, your content should offer real value. Make sure the content is written by an expert and shoot for over 500 words of content at minimum. Supplement content with photos, infographics, videos and a mix of media to target users who respond better visually than with the written word.

Figure out Your UVP

We could talk about content marketing and responsive design all day long, however it won’t make much impact if you don’t know your business' unique value proposition (UVP). Talk to your customers, take some surveys or do some market research to determine why people want your product and how it stands out from the competition. Look to see how other products are positioned whether through text-based blogs, video, white papers or images. Give them the content they want to better understand and use your product.

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