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7 Keys to Quality Visual Content

Posted by Megan Hajduk on Feb 26, 2018 5:00:00 AM
Visual content is what draws us into a story. Whether it be a picture, a video, a graphic, among other things, this content has become undeniably important in today's world of inbound marketing. This content is so important that  90% of the information sent to the brain is visual. With an influx of quantity, quality sometimes becomes lacking- and as the saying goes, quantity is not better than quality. That being said, giving more time and effort into visual marketing is a necessary step for effective material.
Here’s 7 tips to keep your visual content on point!
Stay true to your brand colors & personality
Your company should have logos, colors, and a personality to start off with. On social media those logos, colors, and personalities should carry over as well. This allows audiences to connect with the feel of your company and creates consistency. Customers will begin to really know and understand your brand.
There are two aspects to this
  • Visual 
    • Filters, logos, style, & fonts.
  • Personality
    • Serious, comical, small buisness, among others. 

Visually, your company should set standards for all of the aspects mentioned above. Personality is something often overlooked! This does not mean you can't post a mention of a serious holiday, and then a funny video. Setting a tone for your content allows for customers to even further connect with your company. This consistency allows for brand recall, and will build up your presence as a brand and on social media.  

Keep it simple

Less is more. It's a saying as old as time, but keeping it simple creates clarity! Customers will not want to try and have to understand what your content means, but rather be able to take just a few seconds to understand what they are seeing. Make use of space, but avoid overcrowding your content. Below, you can see a good example of a logo using simplicity to create a clear message.


Tech Specs

This should be common sense, but many forget the bare minimum of content creation necessities. Your content should fit all technical checkmarks, or else you'll appear unknowledgable and as if you do not care about the content. After all, what good is spending hours creating content if the specs do not allow for it to be properly viewed on the platform? 


Some boxes to check off include: 

  • Good & clear photography/videography
  • Sizing and aspect ratios for all platforms
  • High resolution
  • Optimized for web & mobile 


Use your pocket of tools
You don't have to spend hours trying to figure out how to create a graphic that ends up looking cluttered, but rather master what is easily accessible to create quality content fast. Between applications such as Canva and Animoto, content creation is made simpler. These tools also apply one of the earlier tips of tech specs, as there's no guesswork pertaining to dimensions. Using your pocket of tools also applies to social media. Integrating your accounts on content is so important, because if you don't, what's the point of attempting to build your brand? Linking back to pages and allowing for easy sharing will grow your social presence immensely. 
Think of your audience
After strategic planning of the content, the aspect that should be sticking out in your mind is "who is this for?" Inbound marketing is customer-centric, and visual content is no exception to that rule. Stepping into the shoes of your target audience is an effective way to understand whether the visuals you see as a marketer is just as effective with an audience.
Keep your content fresh!
There's no point in spending time on old and boring content when your audience won't pay attention. Keep your content fresh, exciting, and relate it back to your brand personalty. Create your own original content to show off personality, and have control of all the aspects of that. Incorporating social media trends such as GIFs, memes, or funny internet videos is also an easy and effective way to grab audience attention. Staying fresh with content allows you to keep up with the your audience and trends.
Tell a story with purpose
Along with creating with your audience in mind, any piece of content must do two things 1) tell a story and 2) have a purpose. Strategizing your visual marketing plan is the first step in posting with purpose. What is that you want to your audience to do with this visual content? This question should be answered before you even spend the time to create it. With this question in mind, you can create visual that are meaningful. Your content should compell the viewer to action- whether that be to follow accounts, purchase a product, click on a link, etc.
Incorporating these tactics in your content marketing plan is important in creating visually appealing and effective media. There are over 1.5 billion pieces of content on the internet, leading to the conclusion that if you want your content to be effective, it has to stand out. There are simple, yet effective ways to improve the quality of your visual marketing.
If you're ready to create quality visual content that matters through inbound marketing, tap the button below to connect with us today!
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