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7 Ways You're Doing Your Email Newsletter Wrong

Posted by Kelvin Mastin on Aug 24, 2015 9:56:45 AM

You may think that email marketing is a lost form for connecting with your customers, but an email newsletter is still a poweful digital tool. They are meant to inform your subscribers on new products, special promotions and recent updates. Now, if you're making any of the seven email newlsetter mistakes below, then you may need to make some changes.


Email Marketing: 7 Ways You're Doing Your Email Newsletter Wrong.


1. You have random people on your email list

It may seem like a good idea to send your newsletters to as many people as possible, but ultimately it just isn't. When you start sending out emails to those people who've never opted into your list, open rates and click-through-rates will decline. No one likes to be spammed with emails by a company they've never heard of and may never have a need for. 

Instead, you should build your email list with people who actually want to see your content. Buying email addresses is generally not a good idea, but if you do you should first send an email asking if the recipient wants to opt in. That way you can shave off any addresses that don't want your content. 

2. You use a generic email address

Consumers don't want to hear from a generic "" address. Humans like to talk to other humans. A generic business account can be very impersonal, and people don't like to talk to someone who sounds like they don't really care. 

Using your first name in the email address instead of just the business name is a better practice. Even if you have the business name still in the address, a first name will make your emails seem more personal, and it will increase your open rates. 

3. You don't spend time on subject lines or you spend too much time on them

Subject lines are the big hook that's going to make people click on your email. If you don't spend time crafting your subject line, people could skip over your email, delete it, or send it directly to the spam folder. If the subject line doesn't make your recipients want to click on your email, chances are that they won't.

On the other hand, if you spend too much time on the subject line but not enough time on quality content, people will also stop trusting your brand. If your recipients click on your email but the content is never worth the click, then you break that trust between business and customer. Then, again, they will skip, delete, or spam folder your email. 

You have to find the right balance between a compelling subject line and quality, effective content. Focus on great content, but don't forget to spend some time crafting a good subject line as well. 

4. You do not properly address your recipients

Just like the second point, sending emails without directly addressing the recipient is impersonal. Again, humans like to talk to humans. A direct address using their first name or last name can help make your recipients feel more involved in your content. When people hear or see their name, they are more likely to pay attention to what comes after. 

So when you're building your email list, be sure to get the proper names of your recipients. Use their names whenever possible within the email to get and keep their attention. 

5. Your emails are too wordy

People just don't like to sit and read like they used to. If your emails are more than a page long, you can forget holding anyone's attention until the end. Your email list subscribers probably get plenty of emails everyday that they need to go through. You should make sure that your emails are short enough to hold someone's attention. Making your emails shorter will make reading them easier and more time-effective. 

Also, your emails should have sufficient white space. You may have the right length, but people are less likely to work through a block of text. Break it up into short bites that people can quickly digest or skim through. 

6. Your email templates aren't optimized for mobile viewing

If your emails aren't optimized for mobile viewing, then you're missing out on clicks. With millions of people having access to a smartphone or tablet, mobile viewing is much more common now than ever before. There are people who only check their email on their smartphone or tablet. Your emails should be optimized so that people can comfortably view your emails without waiting for them to load or enlarging the text on the screen. 

7. You don't use calls-to-action

Without a clear call-to-action you lose part of the value of a newsletter. You want people to do something as a result of your email. You want them to download something or click on something that will lead them further through the buyer's journey with your brand. You should be direct in showing them exaclty what you want them to do by providing a call-to-action at the end of your email. If you don't lead them, they will not follow you where you want them to go. 



Email marketing isn't as useless as some would think. Email newsletters can still be great ways to connect with your followers. You just need compelling subject lines, quality content, calls-to-action, and personalized addresses to do so. Optimizing your emails for mobile viewing and making your emails short and to the point will also make your email efforts more successful. Learn more email marketing tips here.


Also, an effective email newsletter uses inbound marketing strategies for engaging with customers online. If you want to learn more about how inbound marketing can help your business, click below to download our free eBook on the five core services of inbound marketing. 

5 Core Services of Inbound Marketing CTA


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