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9 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Strengthen Your Brand

Posted by Mohsina Yusuf on Jun 18, 2015 9:13:08 AM

If you’re hoping to increase and strengthen your brand awareness, look no further! Here are 9 ways on how to use LinkedIn to strengthen your brand.

9 ways to use linkedin to strengthen your brand

1. Start a company page
Create a company page to provide details about your business! Link it on your official website, and promote it. Now it’s time to know how to improve LinkedIn company pages.

2. Include your employees
Your biggest supporters are your own employees. If they don’t have a LinkedIn profile, encourage them to get started on one, then ask them to include your company’s name. By doing so, they become followers for the company’s page. Lastly, ask them to add a link to the company page in his or her email signatures.

3. Engage with your audience
The reason you have followers on your company page is for them to have an opportunity to interact with you. Take advantage of it. Ask your followers questions and reply to comments, consistently post updates—the sky’s the limit! LinkedIn might be a professional platform, but it’s still a social network.

4. Add a “Follow” button
Kind of a no brainer, I know. But converting website visitors is crucial. Adding a “follow” button on your official website makes it easy for visitors to get quick access to your company’s page.

5. Invite Existing Contacts
LinkedIn allows you to import your existing email contacts. Start by connecting with people you already know and trust. Once your contacts are imported, don’t send everybody the same boring invite. Personalize it!

6. Use LinkedIn Developer
LinkedIn Developer has different tools to enhance your company’s official website. From the “Member Profile” plugin, to the “Share on LinkedIn” plugin, there are many opportunities to link your blogs or website back to your LinkedIn profile.

7. Create a LinkedIn group
Start taking advantage of LinkedIn groups. It’s a great way to hold discussions and receive and reply to comments. Keep in mind there is a ‘send an announcement’ option under ‘manage.’ It can only be used once every seven days, but it’s a fast and free method to send emails to group members.

8. Send newsletters
LinkedIn allows users to send out newsletters to their contacts. ‘Compose Message’ lets you email 50 people at a time according to their location or industry. If there’s something you want to share with your contact list, this is a simple way to do so. Be sure not to spam your contacts—they will get annoyed. And remember to always keep all messages informative and relevant.

9. Get creative
Use photos and videos to grab people’s attention. Infographics are vital in marketing and are a way to share information in a quick, easy-to-read fashion. The more visually appealing, the more likely people are to share it with others.

Videos are also getting increasingly popular. This is a great way to get to the point of the video fast. Whether you’re sharing a new product or providing a demonstration, videos are a fast way to do so. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an advertisement, but it should be able to tell a story efficiently and effectively.

It all depends on what YOU do

Remember that the stronger your LinkedIn network is, the more benefits you’ll receive. Use LinkedIn to strengthen your brand, and it will bring opportunities. It’ll open doors not only for your business, but for you as well! LinkedIn provides the resources and tools to improve your company page. It’s just up to you how it’s used. Now that you know how to improve LinkedIn Company Pages, find out how you can integrate inbound marketing even further by reading our free eBook below.

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