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A Day in the Life: Community Manager

Posted by Melissa Cook on Jul 5, 2017, 9:00:00 AM

According to, the average person will spend 5 years of their lifetime on social media. Shocking? (Let's be honest, not really...) We all spend hours scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, watching YouTube videos, and laughing at memes, so what we consume matters. But who is the mastermind behind the content you are consuming? If you follow a business, or even a college or university, there is a good chance that the content you see is from a community manager.

Laptop Work-12.jpgLet’s break down what a community manager isn't first. There are generally thought to be two types of community managers: online community managers and social media managers. But what's the difference? In this blog, we break it down in more detail, but the condensed version is this: a social media community manager focuses most of their energy on social media. That means posting, editing, filtering, and engaging with your audience via social media. An online community manager has a much broader focus. They focus not only on social media, but also on technical support, web analytics, PR, and stakeholder relations. In this blog, and at Verge Pipe Media, we tend to lean more towards what a social media community manager would be responsible for.

Simply stated, the main goal of a community manager is to work with various members of the team (visual content producers, content producing interns, etc.) to create and promote internal content to grow reach and the potential client pool.

But it’s not as simple as just pressing “publish.” A lot of brainstorming, preparation, and creativity goes into the final product you see on social media. A "normal day" for a Community Manager doesn't exist, but here are some of the many tasks they are responsible for:Content facebook.jpg

  • Leading content meetings
  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Reviewing social media insights
  • Scheduling and assigning blog tasks to team members
  • Brainstorming, producing, and executing campaigns
  • Attending Chamber of Commerce meetings and networking events

So, what does it take to be a community manager? Here are some of the qualities you'll need:

Strong organizational skills

You're in charge of making sure every post that goes out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. reflects your brand's values, is accurate, and is useful to your buyer personas. You also have to be on top of other people's tasks, such as when blogs or headlines are due; you have to attend meetings and be able to pull what your team needs from them. Without strong organizational skills, tasks and deadlines will get ahead of you and slip through the cracks.

Leadership skills

Like we stated above, you are going to be leading a team and are responsible for content they are producing. This means you have to be willing to take charge and direct team members and not be afraid to step on some toes when the content doesn't match your brand voice or buyer persona's needs.


You can't just rely on your team to produce content. More often than not, you'll help create headlines, graphics, holiday images, and live social media content. That means you will need to be creative and willing to share your ideas (even the bad ones). Keep those creative juices flowing and don't be afraid to think outside the box when you're lacking inspiration.


No two days look the same and no two tasks are exactly the same. You'll need to be able to switch from one task to another, be willing to change an image or post you worked on, or be willing to change up your schedule day-to-day. Being flexible and adaptable are two of the most important things you can be as a community manager.

The most important quality you can have as a community manager is a willingness to learn and grow as well as your passion for your business.

Think social media is just for fun and your business doesn't need to invest in a community manager? Community managers' sole focus is to promote and grow your business and your lead pool. Still not convinced? What if I told you that some of your best sales leads are just scrolling through Facebook, waiting to hear from a company like yours? Let your community manager handle content, voice, and branding and use social media to funnel new leads to your sales team. To learn how, download our FREE Ebook on how to use social media to find new leads:

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