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Apps You Should Know About in College

Posted by Catherine Andrews on Nov 4, 2016 9:02:00 AM
For most millennials, life before the internet, cell phones, and apps is unthinkable.  Our phones have become an extention of ourselves, and a lot of this is because of the various apps that we have.  If we have these apps at our disposal, why not take advantage of them? There are apps out there for everyone, even kids, but let's take a look what the apps you should know about in college and take advantage of to help make college a little less chaotic.

1. Chegg

Chegg is here to help all students who are striving to conquer college and gain the education that they are here for and paid for.  Sometimes the expensive textbook that your teachers tell you to buy is just not the best option and not the only thing you need to excell in the classroom.  Chegg is here to help you take the next step for your education.  They offer 24/7 homework help with online books, tutors, study guides, and test prep for specific universities.  And guess what? You can access this all on your phone to make helping your education even MORE accessible! Yes, you do have to pay for a subscription past a certain point, but it is far less than you would pay for an actual tutor with so many more resources.  Check out more about Chegg online and the app hereApps You Should Know About in College

2. Pocket Points

With our phones being an infinite resource of information and entertainment they can be pretty distracting, especially when you're sitting in a 75 minute lecture.  But with this app, it forces you stay focused with a very clever incintive. By simply opening the app and setting your phone aside while you're in class you can earn whats called "pocket points".  After earning a certain amount of points that are acquired over time, you are rewarded with discounts at different restaurants.  Not only are you staying more focused in class which can lead to better grades, but you are also being rewarded by this behavior with free food and discounts! For a college student, that's just music to our ears.  Learn more about this app here

3. Quizlet

Quizlet is the perfect app for convenient studying. Any student can create an account and quickly make a study guide that is then translated into different formats for better learning.  You can use this information in the form of notecards, fill in the blank of definititions/terms, games, and tests.  These study guides can be shared between students and is a great way for students to study on the go.  Between work, school, and a social life, students are constantly moving, and it is really helpful to be able to access your notes on your phone so easily.  Also, through these different formats, you can make sure that you are really learning the material without just memorizing the terms.  

4. Venmo

Most people are now aware of what venmo is, but some do not realize how beneficial it can be.  College students are constantly on the go and may not always have time to head to the bank or go pick up that $15 that their friend owes them from the movies last weekend.  For many students, they are living in a new city, with new people and want to take advantage of this by exploring their new city with their new friends!  Whether you finally got that longtime coming paycheck, or are in a bit of a tight spot for the rest of the month, venmo can be an easy way to fix this problem!  Maybe you're buying a football ticket from a friend, or they are buying it from you, use Venmo to make this transaction easier.  Simply connect your debit/credit card to your account and transfer money within seconds.  Save time and effort by avoiding that extra trip to the bank so you can go and get ready for the game! See more about how easy this app is to use hereApps You Should Know About in College

5. Find My Friends

Being in a big new city can be a bit intimidating, and chaotic for many students.  A new town can be unfamiliar and an easy place to get lost.  You can simply avoid the stress and anxiety that comes with finding yourself completely lost and alone whether it is on campus or in town with Find My Friends.  This app is an easy way to privately share your location with specific friends so that you can always find each other.  Talking to a friend on the phone while they try and explain exactly where they are can be stressful and most likely inefficient.  With Find My Friends, you can simply open the app and track your friends' locations much quicker.  Don't take the risk of being scared and alone in a big college town; download this app to find your friends and stay safe! You can download and learn more about it here

With these five apps, every college student is already on their way to the education they deserve while making all things social a little more efficient. There are many more apps our there that students can use to make life a little bit easier, but these five are a great start and very easy to use. Now it's time to grab your phone and hit the app store!

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