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Connecting with Students During Summer

Posted by Gray on Jul 9, 2014 4:31:45 AM

Summer: a time filled with little responsibility, obligation, and schedules. These warmer months are about going to the pool, the beach, the lake, or all of the above. For some, it is a three month vacation. For you, it should be anything but time off.

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How to Use Twitter As a Business

Posted by Gray on Jun 11, 2014 4:11:17 AM

Whenever a new social media platform hits the web - and our productivity - there's always a learning curve as we get acquainted with the style and format of a new way to let people know what we had for lunch. With Facebook, we had to learn to express our thoughts in the third person, i.e., Gray Gill wishes there was a camera on the front of his phone to make selfies more convenient (circa 2009). Then Twitter came along and had us all wondering, "What the heck is a hashtag?" We've spent some time explaining how to use hashtags properly, so I won't regurgitate - or should I say, retweet - that info. those thoughts. No, today, I thought I would address a more general topic with Twitter: what is the point of it?

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Lint-sanity: What Drake Can Teach Us About Branding

Posted by Gray on May 5, 2014 9:30:55 AM

Despite the Toronto Raptors heartbreaking one-point loss to the Brooklyn Nets in game seven, the team has a lot to be proud of. This was one of the most entertaining first round of the playoffs and Toronto's seven games with Brooklyn were some of the most fun to watch. For a team that didn't have a great chance to even make the playoffs, things are looking good. When they walked off the court after their season-ending loss, their fans gave them a standing much-deserved standing ovation. For those familiar with the Raptors' franchise, you know that their arena is used to having empty seats, but never due to the team receiving a standing ovation after a loss.

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Verge Pipe Media Does Bo Bikes Bama

Posted by Gray on Apr 7, 2014 9:44:23 AM

There’s a lot going on in and around Auburn on Saturday, April 19. There’s the A-Day game of course, which will give us a welcome glimpse of some Auburn football. For those less interested in sports, there’s the 280 Boogie music festival at the Standard Deluxe, down the road in Waverly. On top of all this, one of Auburn’s biggest and most beloved football stars, Bo Jackson will be in town. But don’t look for him on the field, but rather, on the road. This spring marks the third year he has organized his Bo Bikes Bama bike ride to raise money for the Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund, and the community of Auburn, particularly those who bike, are thrilled to have the ride take place on the Plains, this time. A few of us at Verge Pipe Media love to bike and decided to sign up to ride the 22 mile ride together. We also put together a short video to showcase our intense commitment to training for the ride, and to encourage others to join Bo in raising money that will benefit those in need in Alabama. And for anyone else riding on April 19th, we will be having an Open House at our office on South Gay St. (next to Amsterdam Cafe). Stop by and have a cold brew on us!

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Mic Check, Mic Check: Digital Marketing Gets Your Business Heard

Posted by Gray on Mar 31, 2014 2:34:00 AM

 A couple of weeks ago, I attended a wedding that took place in a field outside Montgomery, Alabama, that was as green as the one Kevin Costner played catch with Shoeless Joe Jackson on in Iowa. I ate a lot of really good food at this wedding that was a Garden & Gun cover come to life.

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Mad Men Recap: Seasons 1 & 2

Posted by Gray on Mar 20, 2014 6:22:19 AM

You may have noticed that all our social media outlets have had a 'Mad Men' makeover this week. We invite you to join us at Piccolo at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center, for classic cocktails and great food. If you've seen every episode twice, or haven't even heard of the show, we'd love for you to dress up and join us for a fun night out. And if you haven't watched the show much, we're going to help you out with getting caught up. Our intern Carly Ivento falls into the category of people who haven't watched the show; and, even the most skilled binge-watcher wouldn't have time to watch all six seasons of 'Mad Men', so, she watched some brief and obscure recaps and sneak peaks from the first two seasons and drew some conclusions and plot points from those. For those of you who don't know, the show's creator, Matthew Weiner, feels strongly about not revealing any spoilers in sneak peeks - this made it quite difficult for Carly to figure out what happened in the first two seasons of 'Mad Men.' But I think she got most everything right.

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Make the Most of Your Workday

Posted by Gray on Mar 13, 2014 6:38:44 AM

"Is there anything I need to be doing?"

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Dumb Starbucks - Smart Marketing

Posted by Gray on Feb 14, 2014 2:53:42 AM

Over-priced coffee juggernaut Starbucks made Internet headlines recently, when they squashed a Missouri brewer's 'frappiccino' beer. Earlier this week, more buzz about Starbucks was being generated. Word of a new coffee shop called Dumb Starbucks spread quickly and people everywhere were wondering, "Is this serious?" and "How many seconds will it last before the real Starbucks swoops in and puts an end to it?"

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Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial Recap

Posted by Gray on Feb 3, 2014 4:14:19 AM

“What’s more American than America?” Bob Dylan asked, as he capped off his illustrious and legendary career with a stunning Super Bowl Chrysler commercial.

To answer his question, I think Super Bowl XLVIII might be more American than America itself. In this current age of high-powered offenses, the Seahawks stout defense was reminiscent of teams of old. On a night when, for the first time in history, everyone was using their DVR to fast-forward through the game to watch commercials – something entertaining so all their pizza bites and Bud Light didn’t go to waste – it seemed that the theme of everything was ‘nostalgia.’

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'Muppets Most Wanted': Twitter Marketing Done Right

Posted by Gray on Jan 31, 2014 2:30:30 AM

One of the biggest components of the evolving digital age, is Twitter. It serves as a virtual journal for young people to vent about who they spotted their ex-boyfriends with; it offers people who in the same industry to engage in conversations from the comfort of couches thousands of miles away; many comedians have realized how to use it as a place to showcase their humor to convert followers into fans.

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