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Four Steps to Creating Content Offers in Higher Education

Posted by Taylor Ennis on Aug 17, 2015 8:44:05 AM

Whether they’re learning their shapes and colors or sitting in a macroeconomics lecture hall, content creation at any education level is a common challenge for marketers both at K-12 and higher education offices. Just like learning, curating content offers is a long term and rewarding process and should be taken in baby steps before you have big shoes to fill. In order to make the most of this journey, here are four tips to help your marketing team leverage existing content, create content offers in higher education and draw qualified leads. Pay attention like it’s the first day of school folks because it will pass by quickly!

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Let's Get Real: How community managers can authenticate your brand

Posted by Taylor Ennis on Aug 3, 2015 9:43:04 AM

What is the sound of your company voice? If it’s an automated robot, you’re doing it wrong. As a living and breathing brand, you should begin to find a voice that helps you stand out in your industry. Whether your business is formal and conservative or quirky and sassy, there is no better way to show your audience that you’re real than with a community manager. It’s simple, if you want to connect with your audience on a personalized level, put a human behind the computer screen and in control of your web generated content.

Below we will review how community managers can make your brand authentic with these four strategies. 

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Take Notes. Five best practices for community managers

Posted by Taylor Ennis on Jul 28, 2015 11:56:15 AM

Social media is clearly becoming the primary tool for businesses looking to reach out to a wider audience, increase web traffic and boost sales (duh). So, why do so few companies neglect to employ a community manager? In the midst of high industry competition and a busy digital age, it only makes sense that businesses equip themselves with a person trained and qualified in the art of making your brand look good. If that’s not enough for you, according to a recent study from Hubspot, businesses have found that employing a community manager increases approximately 30 percent of traffic to their websites each month.

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Why community managers are important

Posted by Taylor Ennis on Jul 23, 2015 10:28:48 AM

It’s no secret that social media is becoming one of the most important tools in a business’ back pocket. Similar to any other channel of communication out there, it is important to arm your business with a select and talented team to ensure that every inbound and outbound marketing strategy is addressed.

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Five dentists doing social media right

Posted by Taylor Ennis on Jul 9, 2015 11:01:00 AM

Let’s face it. The medical field is competitive and it becomes even trickier when you’re in a specialized practice like dentistry. Just like any other small business, it is important that a dentist’s office has a continuous flow of attracting new patients while retaining loyal ones. This process becomes an equation. Don’t worry, we’re not getting too technical here, but social media marketing can be detailed down to a science.

This includes understanding your patients and building relationships with them in order to ensure positive word-of-mouth communication, which travels far beyond the dentist’s chair. One of the best ways to do that in the digital world is to join the conversation using social media. To help you gather inspiration and think outside of the box, we’ve picked the top five dentists doing social media right.

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Why Personalized Customer Experience is Important in Any Industry

Posted by Taylor Ennis on Jun 30, 2015 10:55:50 AM

The expression “familiarity breeds contempt” is all too, well, familiar. Yet its lesson deserves to be challenged - especially in the craft of customer service. In the customer experience context, familiarity means meeting customer expectations. Whether your business is at home or in a high rise, it is important to exceed your customers’ expectations by digging into the art of personalization.

Personalizing your comapny's products and services to suit the needs and interests of your customers can go a long way toward igniting and building relationships with them; however, it’s more than just greeting a customer by his or her name when they walk in the door or open your email. That’s a great start, but it does not cover all of the bases. Below we’ll prove why personalized customer experience is important in any industry with these four attention grabbing techniques.

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Five Marketing Techniques to Boost Your Online Business

Posted by Taylor Ennis on Jun 23, 2015 9:04:59 AM

It is no secret that the internet has drastically changed the way information is distributed, which has had a profound effect on marketing. With this in mind, the shift toward inbound marketing strategies and tactics has allowed more online businesses to utilize their digital platforms in order to create content tailored to their brand and relevant to their industry. By using these channels, any online business, large or small, has the ability to generate a positive reputation, but how can it be done? Below we will review five inbound marketing techniques for your online business. 

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Five Key Things to Incorporate in Your Blog Posts

Posted by Taylor Ennis on Jun 9, 2015 9:30:38 AM

Think about it. A blog is simply pieces of words, sentences and paragraphs put together to form a masterpiece of thoughts. Similar to that 100 piece puzzle wedged in your closet, a blogger must muster up the willpower to create remarkable content and fit it into their brand’s story in order to create a bigger picture. While it’s one thing to write good content, it’s another to have your readers read and engage in it. For this to occur, your readers must connect those components together in order to realize its full potential. What sets an average blog post apart from one that helps your readers connect the puzzle? Below we’ll review five key things to incorporate in your blog posts.

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Four Ways to Convey Your Company Story Online

Posted by Taylor Ennis on May 28, 2015 9:11:00 AM

It is an age old concept that has withstood the test of time. For centuries, storytelling has brought people together and kept them engaged due to its power of creating interpersonal connections. Think about it -- inbound marketing and storytelling go hand-in-hand. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a blog post, producing an infographic or sending out a tweet, your end goal is capture your audience’s attention. But how can it be done? Below we’ll review four building blocks to help you convey your compan story online.
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