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Beat the Summer Heat with these Higher Ed Events

Posted by Laurie Webb on May 21, 2015 9:18:00 AM

The summer semester is a different kind of animal. Many students are home for the summer, so how do encourage a higher retention rates for the summer semester or engage students that did decide to stay at school for the summer? That’s easy! You need beat the summer heat with these awesome higher ed events. 




1. Summer Send Off

Plan an event for your graduates that semester, before all of your students leave for the summer, and invite all and students and alumni. This kind of event will instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in your new graduates. It’s also a perfect time to introduce the graduates to your alumni’s association.

2. Outdoor movie night

Outdoor movie nights are fun for any age--from the freshman, to the graduating senior. Hold a movie viewing on a large projector screen on a lawn and pass out sodas and popcorn. Ask students to bring pillows and blanket and BAM you’re pretty much done. This is a great time for students to socialize with friends and make new friends.

3. Luau and BBQ by the pool

Nothing screams summer more than a Luau pool party! If you add BBQ, the event will be without a doubt a success. Pass out leas, umbrella straw drinks and do a limbo contest. Also, don’t forget Hawaiian music!

4. Picnics 

Who doesn’t like a good picnic? This could be a giant potluck picnic or everyone can bring his or her own food and possibly BYOB? If you want to make it extra special, plan fun water games after lunch such as water balloon fights or a slip and slide.

5. Bon Fire

There’s nothing like a summer night bon fire with s’mores, guitars and campfire stories. This event is easy and rather inexpensive. All you need is the great outdoors, an area fir a fire pit and s’more fixings.

6. Music Festival

These days, it seems like everyone is obsessed with music festivals. If you don’t have a big festival near your school, plan your own festival. Get local bands to play in the festival and have local vendors participate by providing food or beverages.

7. Back-to-school Bash

Kick off the fall semester with a back-to-school summer bash! It’s still summer, so why not throw a simple pool party and cook out? Add a little music and lit lanterns and you have the perfect mood for the perfect party.

Most of these summer events are easy to plan and rather inexpensive, so why not engage your students over the summer and build relationships with them? These events could help with student retention and potentially create loyal alumni. Help your students create lasting memories so that they will look back at their college experience with positivity and pride.  


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