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Best Practices for Social Media in Development

Posted by MiKyle Crockett on Apr 13, 2015, 9:30:59 AM

Time and time again, people struggle with the concept of using social media to work in their favor instead of using it as a broadcast device. Social media can be overwhelming at times, but all you need to do is take a step back and recharge. The solution to all of your problems is simple: be a brighter light bulb.


Be a light bulb:

Being a brighter light bulb is a two-phase task, first the light bulb. This means having the presence people want to connect with. In order to use social media in development to increase your reach, being able to engage others creates an environment for mutually beneficial relationships. You have the information that people want, and they have the funding resources you need.

Amplifying your social media correctly is key to attracting people. As mentioned in the How Do I Increase Qualified Inbound Leads? blog, things to remember with social media include:

1) Don’t be a know it all – just like dating, no one wants to sit and listen to one-person talk about themselves the entire time. Use your social media outlets to ask questions and create a mix of (80%) helpful and (20%) promotional content.

2) Know your type - Doing the proper research before hand will save you time when trying to reach     people. Knowing personas thoroughly allows you to get content to them at the right place at the right time.

3) Dress for the occasion - Nothing is more awkward than being the odd ball out. With having different social media outlets, make sure you are addressing your content appropriately.

Twitter = conversation

Facebook = personality

LinkedIn = professional

Google+ = search engine


Be brighter

Being a light is not always enough. To be the brightest, you must put in a little extra work. Doing your research on the individuals who you are attracted and engaged with your university gives you the opportunity to have smarter conversations.

When people are contributing to development, they are often interested in where their money is going and whom it will benefit. By doing the proper research, you are able to pre-answer all questions and come fully prepared to all meetings.

Just as people will be searching your social media outlets for proper content, use their social media outlets to leverage your knowledge base about them. Ask smarter questions and be engaged. This engagement will help build the relationship mentioned above and everyone wins in the end!

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