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Social Media Best Practices for Admissions: The Building Blocks

Posted by Rachael Gamlin on Apr 10, 2015 9:06:00 AM

Best practices can seem tedious, but they are crucial to excel in if you want to knock the social media ball out of the park, especially when it comes to admissions. Going over the building blocks to creating amazing social media content seems trivial, but it's always informative to throw it back to the basics. Afterall, some of the most awe-inspiring monuments would be nothing if you didn't first start with their basic elements (see: Stonehenge, the Pyramids, etc.). Convinced yet? Good. Check out these higher ed marketing best practices to refresh your skills:


1) A Picture a Day Sends Students Your Way

Students are tired of reading long social media posts that brag about new research or alumni achievements. That's not to say this content isn't important for a certain audience, but when you're trying to win over potential students, you have to entice them with pictures of cool events happening on campus, awesome achievements of student groups or fun classroom activities. Students want to be able to picture themeselves (pun most certainly inteded) and fit in at the respective colleges they are researching. If they feel like they won't be able to find their place or partake in activities that interest them, they lose interest. Be sure you're spicing up your content with lots of content-filled pictures for the best success and response.

2) Huge Blocks of Text = Major No No

Students are bombarded with offers from colleges all of the time, and with school work and college applications always on their minds, they need to be able to get information quickly when they look at your social media. Be sure to post content that can be consumed easily, but is still informative. Twitter Q&As, YouTube videos of a typical class experience and little known facts about your school are all good options. Just like we mentioned with the pictures, students need to be able to utilize the information you are conveying to envision themselves at your school. Take any boring, hard-to-digest info and transform it into something fun. For example, you could include diagrams on different levels of scholarships or a video about a particular school department.

3) Focus, Focus, Focus

Is there a gaping hole in your student body as far as a specific type of student? Can you not seem to draw in a diverse range of students? It all has to do with your targeting techniques. Students want to attend a school where they will not only be welcomed based on their niche, but lauded for it as well. You must tailor your content to answer the questions they are asking. If you are trying to attract more women entering engineering programs, emphasize your Society for Women Engineers to show that your university embraces these students. The bottom line: Use your precious content space to alleviate any concerns students may have while highlighting your invested interest in the types of targeted students.

By using pictures and short, digestible types of content, you can appeal to every type of student. These are just a sample platter of social media best practices for admissions though! If you are interested in reaching specific students, combine these techniques with targeting skills. For more insight on detailed content samples, check out ways other admission offices are using social media. Just remember, keep it short, sweet and focused. 

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