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Best Time of Your Life? Maybe so with these College Event Ideas

Posted by Paige Serzen on Oct 2, 2014 9:31:00 AM

Screen_Shot_2014-10-02_at_9.25.08_AMWe’ve all heard it before; “college is the best time of your life.” Students travel to college campuses nationwide each year looking to do just that- have the best time of their lives. This means they are looking to leave your higher education institution with a lot more than a plethora of new knowledge and a college degree. They are looking to leave with fond memories.

You can be the reason for some of these fond memories by hosting events that are fun and engaging. We have outlined a few unique college event ideas below that are sure to be a hit among a variety of students.

Live Music/Free Concerts. If you’re a larger university and able to attract and book big name performers- then do it! If not, smaller names and even student musicians will work (can you say battle of the bands?). So how do you drag students out of bed and out to these events? Tune into your students’ interests: if the majority of people that call your university home tend to be country music listeners, decide against booking that screamo band who is willing to come to campus for free and instead splurge for a more popular country artist. No need to spend money on a venue when you likely have a stadium or some grassy areas on campus that would be great locations for artists to serenade your students.

Include animals. Chances are lots of your students said good bye to their furry friends when they left home for college. Cater to this pet homesickness by planning events that include animals. Perhaps contact the local humane society about having some puppies to play with on the lawn one afternoon, or book that camel from the nearby zoo to make a visit to campus on hump day. Make sure these events occur during regular school hours, as students will feel inclined to stop by when they have time to kill in between classes or during their lunch hour. Imagine it now – students discussing fond memories of their time in college at graduation, maybe the selfie with the camel on hump day will be mentioned.

Food.There’s no doubt that college students tend to have some of the biggest appetites out there, so why not satisfy them? Have a bake off or cook off among chefs of the various on-campus dining establishments and invite students to come indulge. Students can judge which creations are their favorites (plus they’ll feel like their opinion matters, which it does). Host a “late night lattes and doughnuts” study break during finals week encouraging students to power through their last exams and stay energized.

So there you have it. Play a part in making college the best time of your students’ lives by considering any of the college event ideas above.

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