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3 Questions to Consider When Hiring Interns

Posted by CarlyVPM on Apr 2, 2014 2:45:26 AM

It's that time again when your company needs to hire some new interns for your summer positions. To ensure that your new interns are a contribution rather than a stagnation, answer these 3 questions.

What do we want to accomplish and how? Clearly defining the objectives of your team is crucial - doing so lays the groundwork for your company's standards for success. To be able to abide by these standards, your new hires should be told what you expect of them regarding their responsibilities and time frames for assignments. Nothing is worse than a boss asking "Where is that proposal I asked you to finish?" and in my head I'm singing "Jesus Take The Wheel" because I had no idea it was supposed to be done by today, right now. Communicate!

Who is the best fit for our goals? You can't expect success to come quickly- if at all- if you have the wrong people on your team. Look back on how you answered the first question and then rank the people you interviewed based on how well they would fit, and how much they could help your company move toward success. Hiring a college student who answered the question "How do you handle conflict?" with "I just call my mom," may not be the best choice for your team. "Mom? Hey, it's me. Quick question, if someone isn't pulling their weight do I leave them an anonymous note or...what?"

Will they themselves be able to grow? Ideally, an intern that wants to learn and enjoys doing so will be the best addition to your team, versus someone who clocks in and sits there waiting to be told what to do. Consider whether those that you deemed "fit for our goals" are also those that will express their opinions and collaborate with others. Without interns chiming in, you just have a bunch of "yes men" that haven't moved from the starting block. Your company would be at the finish line but now you'll just have to wait until next season.

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