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5 Tips for keeping those New Year's Resolutions

Posted by admin on Jan 13, 2014 8:07:33 AM

It’s a New Year and we all know what that means, time to hit the gym and meet those New Year’s resolutions. However, most people plan to exercise more in the upcoming year and only actually do so for a few months. Here are a few tips I have learned that help the staying in shape process continue throughout the year and for years to come:

  1. Make going to the gym/working out part of your schedule. If you don’t have a gym membership or a polar vortex is occurring outside, there are plenty of online videos that make working out a convenient at-home task.
  2. Do something you enjoy. This is simple but extremely important. If you hate running, don’t sign up for a marathon.
  3. If you absolutely need a day off, look for an easier work out that will allow rest and recovery without throwing off the workout groove. Not every day has to be some sort of insane day at the gym. My favorite easy day workout is to walk my dog around the neighborhood.
  4. Set goals. Sign up for a 5K, a sprint triathlon, a half-marathon/marathon, or anything that will motivate you to keep yourself going. If there aren’t any good events in your area, try finding an exercise buddy and set personal goals to work towards.
  5. Reward yourself! No, I’m not saying it’s ok to binge eat a gallon of ice cream because you walked on the treadmill for twenty minutes, but there’s nothing wrong with an occasional treat such as a cookie or whatever type of sweet treat you prefer

tips for sticking with new years resolutions verge pipe media Your workout buddy doesn't have to be human!

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