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8-tracks: Not your Father's Record Player

Posted by Allison Gair on Apr 16, 2014 4:22:24 AM

If you’re not using 8-tracks, you’re wrong. They describe themselves as an Internet radio created by people, not algorithms. Rather than Pandora, where you choose a genre, artist or song, 8-tracks is much more personal. 8-tracks is based off of so much more. It is based on your mood or what you’re doing at the moment.

8-tracks provides the best playlist for any taste, time, or place. Whether you need the best playlist for laying out, working out, or chilling out, this is the perfect application for you. And the best part is you can choose multiple moods, activities, and genres. For example, I was laying out by the pool and I chose “summer”, “hip-hop”, and “country” because I wanted a little variety while I was relaxing poolside.

8-tracks vpm

8-tracks is a relatively new app, coming on the mobile phone scene last year and only being on version 2.2. It is available for iPhones, iPads, and Androids. Because it is “playlists” created by its users, having less repetition is one difference that separates it from other Internet radios. Pandora can get very recurring, especially for the people that get “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” happy, limiting the songs that will rotate in the playlist.

One of my favorite perks about 8-tracks is that you can make multiple selections based on what you are doing. Whether you’re in the library, in the office, or in the gym, you can make multiple music selections based your activity. For example, just because I am working in the office, does not mean I want to listen to calming classic rock. I always like to listen to fun, up-beat hip-hop, rap, or pop to get those creative juices flowing.

Here in the Verge Pipe Media office, we listen to music all day long. I’m trying to convert everyone to becoming 8-tracks fans as we speak.

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photo credit: A.Ddiction via photopin cc

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