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Posted by admin on Nov 1, 2012 8:41:45 AM

Enterprise Round Up: 11/1/12 | Image is not real.

Tired Interview Tactics

Now, more than ever, agility and determination are critical traits for new hires. The days of working your way up a corporate ladder are fading and, while those tracts still exist, our professional culture has shifted towards a much more nimble workforce. Paul Brown argues for a different approach to interviews, ditching the “where do you see yourself in 5 years” questions for conversations that uncover desirable traits in the subject’s day-to-day life. Ask about hobbies. What is your potential hire fanatical about in their day-to-day? What drives them nuts? The article is a quick read and good refresher for HR.

You want to talk agile?!

Buzzfeed is one of my favorite Sandy-related stories this week, and their story is particularly apt to the business world.

For those of you that don’t really pay attention to headlines like “Cat Opens Door for Puppies” or “This Running Radish is the Most Inspiring Root Ever”, well... you may not be familiar with Buzzfeed. That’s okay. What they did this week is still salient. The summary: Buzzfeed is a digital publisher – operating in a space between original content, curated content and analytics platform displaying trending pop-culture “news”.

So imagine for a moment: you’re CEO or Editor-in-Chief. What happens when your website goes down (as it did for Buzzfeed when Sandy hit)?

For the crew at Buzzfeed, the solution was pretty straight-forward. Keep pushing content.

Buzzfeed is an inherently social publication. The editorial staff doesn’t have to be centrally located to file stories. Content goes out on, but Buzzfeed also maintains vibrant communities within Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit and the rest of the social sphere. So when the website crashed, they just shifted first-run efforts to Tumblr; that bought Buzzfeed time and, within 24 hours, three developers had managed to put together a functioning website from scratch.

Can you keep pace?

Help a Mo Bro Out

If you aren’t growing a ‘stache to support Movember and men’s cancer research, then please consider supporting Verge Pipe Media’s Founder and Chief Imagineer, Don Crow. Why? Well, for one: we’re going to be posting amusing updates on a weekly basis and, second: everyone in the office is really going the extra mile. Even the ladies.

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