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Another Search Engine?! CliqSearch Taps Social Media for New Results

Posted by admin on Feb 1, 2012 1:10:30 PM

CliqSearch is the newest search engine to hit the web. So, is it really the next big thing? ("Wait, there is something other than Google?!")

Currently in beta mode, CliqSearch is geared towards users that are searching for local businesses. One might ask, with sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, can another search engine be successful in today’s market? CliqSearch is trying to break-through with a different spin; rather than simply searching keywords and getting a slew of results in various forms (articles, blogs, websites, images etc.), CliqSearch hones in on social media outlets. Through Facebook likes, Foursquare check-ins, and Twitter followers, users may see the businesses that are really "buzzing" in their local area (good news for all of you social media junkies). CliqSearch gives people the opportunity see where friends and family are shopping, eating, gathering, etc.

CliqSearch is a Philadelphia-based startup. The group calls their service a ‘social knowledge engine.’ The current version takes into account social data from Facebook, FourSquare, and Twitter. The team would like to bring Google+ and LinkedIn into the circle, as well as provide users with iOS and Android accessibility.

S0, how does CliqSearch really stack up?! The first thing I noticed was, unlike Google and other search engines, CliqSearch requires a little setup. To achieve personal benefit and tailored results, users will need to create an account linked to various social media feeds. Once in, I did a simple search of “restaurants and Auburn, AL.”

When the results popped up, I had several pages of local restaurants around the Auburn, AL area. I chose a random restaurant to click on and, once loaded, I was not only able to navigate to the restaurant's website, but I was also shown all the social media stats for the business - including things that were actually being said about that particular place in recent history. Overall, it was a refreshing experience and new approach within search.

Being that CliqSearch just went into beta mode, there are still some aspects that need to be ironed out. A big flag for me: general searches returned seemingly random results (no apparent order). That said, there is potential here. Only time will tell if CliqSearch is the "next big thing" but, from the looks of it, the social search engine has a chance to compete.

Available on: any computer and soon to be available as an app for smart phones

Cost: free (can’t beat that)

Ease of Installation: N/A

  • Currently there is no installation required until CliqSearch releases their iOS and Android apps.

Ease of Use: 4/5

  • CliqSearch was very easy and straight forward to use; just type in whatever you are looking for and BAM you have your results. Where it lacks though, is in organization. The results are not in a particular order based on popularity etc.

General Utility: 4/5

  • For general utility, CliqSearch does a great job at easily being able to find businesses that are really buzzing in your area on various social media platforms. The only reason I gave this a 4 is because unlike Google to get the full benefit of CliqSearch you need to sign up and link your social media pages.

Engagement: 5/5

  • For engagement CliqSearch gets a 5. When you search for something and get to that page you have a lot of options. You are given not only the social stats for the business that you looked up, but also related businesses and other pages people liked, who also liked what page you searched (It makes sense I promise).

“Keeper” Factor: 3.5/5

  • I am giving “keeper” factor a 3 to 4 because CliqSearch might not be for everyone. Some people out there are just set in their ways with their traditional search engine models. For others, like me, this idea is new and exciting. With people using so much social media today, CliqSearch now allows you to be able to get the information you want while keeping all of your social media profiles connected.

Article by: Josh Vandergrift, Spring 2012 Imagineer ||

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