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Better Under Pressure

Posted by Don Crow on Nov 6, 2011 4:00:13 AM

How many times do you hear someone respond to a task with, "I need a deadline. I'm better under pressure"? Or even better still are the people who simply start any discussion about work with, "I'm one of those people who works better under pressure. I thrive when I have something hanging over my head."

Here's the thing: we are all under pressure every day. Pressure to be a better student, worker, spouse, parent, child. The pressure is internal, it is is external and it is external from multiple fronts. Just for now, let's focus on the boss who applies pressure.

The boss who gives you an assignment with plenty of supervision? They're not interviewing you for anything. They're dangerous and quick to turn when the assignment goes poorly.

The boss who gives you an assignment, seeks your input on the deadline and parameters? These could arguably be just as dangerous because it likely means they don't know the outcome they want either.

The boss who gives you an assignment with limited supervision? They're interviewing you for the next level. Pressure. If you can crush this assignment on your own, you've now built confidence in the boss that you are ready and capable for even more. Pressure. If you find yourself asking the boss for more responsibility or tougher assignments the chances are good you've already blown your previous pressure packed moments. That's a dangerous place to try and climb out of.

And finally, the boss who doesn't give out assignments or supervision. If you're here - the pressure is to find another boss.

We are all under pressure. Every single one of us. The answer is to do your best, even at what seems to be the most menial tasks. The most boring assignments, and especially the ones where you ask, "Will anyone ever notice if I don't do this 100%?"

Yes, go do that to the best of your ability, because you are under pressure.

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