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Building a Strong Team With the Right Motivational Tools

Posted by admin on May 15, 2014 8:40:44 AM

Motivation is a driving factor for a sales environment. Creating an environment that inspires your sales team to succeed takes an understanding of how motivation works, how your team works and creating an ongoing strategy for success.

How Motivated Is Your Team?

Statistics gathered by Gallup show that less than half of those employed are completely satisfied with their jobs. The reasons vary from their relationship with their supervisor to the amount of time off they receive. But the No. 1 dissatisfaction with their job is the amount of stress. Assessing your sales staff to see what’s going on doesn’t have to be difficult. You can:

  • Have your team participate in an anonymous survey
  • Talk to each member one-on-one
  • Brainstorm motivational ideas as a group

Motivation in Action

Most employees find standard assessments to be less than motivating. While it is important to give feedback, it shouldn’t be limited to a once or twice a year occurrence. Instead, it should be ongoing and constructive. Use a data and analytics service to assess current salesforce reports, which can identify strengths and weaknesses in each team member. This gives you the data you need to frequently recognize accomplishments, as well as offer help in areas where a team member is struggling. Any strategy should also take into account the whole sales team, not just top or bottom performers, and include a variety of motivators.

Universal Needs - Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has often been used to determine motivating factors in the workplace. Once the basic needs have been met, all employees want to have a feeling of belonging, fitting in, of being part of a team, and have good relationships with those they work with. Building a strategy that creates a sense of teamwork, acceptance and communication can meet those needs.

Individual Needs - Each person may be motivated by different things. While money can be a motivating factor in their job, it is probably not the main factor that motivates them to come to work each day. Some may need to find a purpose for doing their job. Others may be compelled by competition, prizes, or recognition. But the secret to rewards that work is to keep them frequent, which keeps motivation high.

Rewards That Succeed

The key to a successful motivation strategy is limited only by your imagination. These three sales supervisors came up with their own style to keep the team on their game.

A Day at the Movies - Turn off the IMs and leave the phones behind to treat the entire staff to a movie.

Be Flexible - David Kaufer, cofounder of Kaufer Miller Communications, says that allowing staff to be flexible with their schedule around their home lives makes them committed to succeeding when they are at work.

Make Memories - Joel Zelepsky of Mosaic likes to make his rewards memorable. He holds contests where everyone wins if they meet goals. But the reward isn’t money. Instead, he gives prizes such as personalized baseball bats, signed sports team jerseys and custom steering wheels.

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