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Chegg: More than What Meets the Eye

Posted by Allison Gair on Apr 22, 2014 4:20:02 AM

Higher Education companies are no longer just targeting college students. Chegg has decided it wants to broaden its clientele and target high school students. For those that may not know, Chegg is a start-up online company from Silicon Valley, who offers textbooks to college students at a discounted price. Chegg simply knew that they could just sell textbooks and nothing more. But, that’s not what they decided they wanted to do. They wanted to help their students succeed not only in the classroom, but in the world as well. Recently, Chegg decided that that wasn’t enough. They knew they wanted to do more. And they knew they could do more.

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With the Internet rapidly taking over, to keep up with the times, Chegg started to sell eBooks, online textbooks, to their users. They also offer to eTextbook to use while you wait for your books to be shipped to you. This is just one awesome way that Chegg is always thinking about its’ customers – its’ students.

From Chemistry to Marketing and Microbiology to Psychology, Chegg has step-by-step solutions and study guides to get you through the toughest courses. There also is a 24/7 study community for those of us night owls that get our best studying done during the wee hours of the morning.

Chegg wants to help their students more than just inside the classroom. On Chegg’s website, you can search for more than $1billion dollars in scholarships.

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Chegg also wants to be able to help its’ students get acclimated in the “real world”. It has access to over 70,000 internships and helps students find the perfect internship for them.

Chegg’s main purpose is to help students succeed in the classroom. Since they help students achieve their goals and do great for the world, Chegg decided that they wanted to do the same. Every day, Chegg helps students learn what they need to do, with greater access, at less expense. From planting trees to supporting students to do well in the world around us, Chegg inspires people to give back to their community.

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