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Counterintelligence Meets Social Media & More

Posted by admin on Sep 11, 2012 1:04:08 PM

Terrorism is a topic on everyone’s mind - the 11th anniversary of the devastating attack on our World Trade Centers. Today's enterprise round up includes an interesting article on how counterintelligence tactics have evolved to meet the demands of social media. Plus, lighter fare for those of you looking to re-evaluate social strategies or your commuting options...

Combating Online Extremism

A lot has changed in the past decade, including the onslaught of social media. Across the board, digital communication has been hard to assimilate and manage. For US counterintelligence units, getting around the challenge is a critical mission. Various branches of Al-Qaeda are active on Twitter, extremists operate websites and info hubs… how is the US stemming the spread of viral communication? Spencer Ackerman has the details in this July 2012 article…

3 Social Media Mistakes & How to Correct Them

Social media - as with any marketing, customer service and PR channel - requires resources and strategy (or multiple strategies). Brad Smith lays out three common lines of thinking, explaining why & when they are a mistake and how to put your enterprise on the right path. By no means comprehensive, the article is a great starting point for many of those managers that are in the beginning phase of a plan, or looking to re-evaluate current strategies.

Electric + Connected

The air is a little cooler. Football is on television. And new cars are hitting the lots. Fall marks the start of a new model year. Why not have a little look-see at what is coming down the road in 2013?!

"Perhaps the most welcome — but controversial — feature in today’s cars is the ability to take your music and your social life with you. In-car information and entertainment systems are the auto industry’s next frontier…"

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