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Deal or No Deal? The power is in your hands.

Posted by admin on Feb 20, 2012 1:58:44 PM

So picture this: you are just waking up to a fresh pot of coffee. You crack your computer and open your e-mail to get the day started. 17 unread messages from 5:00 - 5:30a. Seriously? Deals, advertisements, spam and the rare personal email. For me, an inbox full of offers is one of the more irritating by-products of the digital marketing era. But then again, who doesn't love a good deal?!

Well folks, there may be a solution to our troubles.

nFluence Media is a Seattle startup that has come out with an app called dealBoard. The app is designed to let the consumer regain control of the ad offer process. No one likes to be hammered for personal information from a third party deal server. I know I tend to balk. With dealBoard, this is no longer an issue. The app does not ask you for your name or even an email address. The only piece of information they ask for is your current location. They serve local deals.

You may ask: “what if they just show me things I don’t care about?” - what about relevant deals? Well, here is where they are a little different. dealBoard takes a page from StumbleUpon and puts the consumer in the driver’s seat. As you cycle through the advertisements, a simple swipe of your finger will send the ad to the thumbs up or thumbs down pile. As you begin to do this, the application changes the advertisements you see. If you find something particularly interesting, a quick tap will bring up more information and the business web address.

According to nFluence it takes as many as 250 email messages to reach just one costumer, leaving 249 other people in the junk bin. With an app like dealBoard, your audience self-selects and you are able to reach your target audience in a less aggressive way.

Breaking it down:

Ease of Installation- 5/5

Downloading it is simple and free via the iTunes App store.

Ease of Use- 5/5

dealBoard is as simple as it gets. There is nothing to fill out - just enter your location and let the app go to work.

General Utility- 3/5

At the moment, dealBoard seems limited by the type and variety of deals they are offering. I seemed to be bombarded by ad for gym memberships, laser hair removal and weight loss programs. For the record: non-issues… thank you very much!

User Engagement- 4/5

The user is in control and may vote up or down on app “relevance” and/or personal interest. dealBoard also makes it easy to share cool offers with friends.

“Keeper” Factor- 4/5

dealBoard is a good concept and an improvement on the mobile deals space… but we want to see a greater variety of deals!

Article by: Josh Vandergrift, Imagineer ||

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