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Delicious Algorithms makes great content “Google-icious”

Posted by Don Crow on Mar 3, 2011 3:00:19 AM

Nearly 12% of Google's search engine queries were impacted in the week old tweaks to the algorithms. In layman's terms, Google changed the way they rank sites, pushing content that isn't relevant further down the list and promoting content which searchers found tasty. Some folks refer to those less savory sites as "content farms."

What is constant in the Google algorithm is, (a) change, and (b) great content.

For those who've followed the Verge Pipe since inception in September 2010, you'll know we're practitioners of speaking in your authentic self, or true voice. Google's changes are another reason to do so. Great content which you, as a business owner or non-profit Director produce, which is relevant to folks with a genuine interest in your services is always the best way to go. You've no doubt received calls or emails from firms claiming instant boosts in search rankings in exchange for your dollars. Be warned, they may be a variant of the content farm family.

On a nice, neat platter:

  • Avoid jargon and speak to your customers and constituents in their language
  • Post and update regularly, provided you have something worth saying
  • Test and learn, test and learn - but to thine own self stay true 8-)
  • Avoid shortcuts: spammy links on other sites, loading up articles with links to your own content and filling paragraphs with keywords that readers find tedious and frustrating
  • Enjoy what you do and let it shine through in your online content
  • Recruit your friends and followers who believe in you to join your tribe AND spread your ideas - just make them worth spreading

In the interest of full disclosure, I've already seen a nice lift on several fronts with the changes to Google's ranking. Proof positive of what I'm advocating in this post.

Happy blogging!

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