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Earth's New Middle Man is You

Posted by admin on Jun 25, 2014 4:09:25 AM

Social Media in the information age is monumental to those just starting on their journey to being successful as well as those veterans who have been successful since before the information age even started. Everyone has something to offer to the world and through social media, you never know who you might be helping. For example, I might retweet an instructional self-defense video from an instructor with a black belt, though I’m just a yellow belt, and someone who gets pushed around might see it. You could change somebody’s life, so I would advise that your presence on social media be directed towards helping the little people first and the big people second.

I’m interested in photography and videography but I’m at the stage where I’m not considered an expert and not considered a beginner. Videos and blogs about basic features of the camera won’t help me much anymore, because I’ve seen them all before. Since I’m not an expert, I can’t fully comprehend videos that are describing advanced equipment used in Hollywood movies yet. I definitely still watch them because they are cool, and hopefully one day I’ll be part of something similar.

I believe that most people in the world are in this stage where they know all the basic information of a topic of interest and hope that those skills will carry them to expert levels. Approaching social media with this idea in mind will lead to a much broader audience as you help people spread hope, and we all know how strong the idea of hope can be. For beginners, hope will help them make leaps over those who are becoming irrelevant on social media. For experts, hope will bring support and the satisfaction of contributing to something with potential.

So I guess my social media post for the day would be, “No matter how big or how small, everybody has potential.”

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