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Embrace Chaos, Leap Forward

Posted by admin on Oct 16, 2012 9:26:01 AM

First off, pat yourself on the back. Get yourself a cupcake. Happy boss's day! (Don Crow: have we told you lately that you rock? Play as much Motley Crue, Van Halen and Pink as you wish.)

Embracing Chaos + #GenFlux

Fast Company is leading the way with detailed, long-form journalism on shifting economic climates and the Millennial workforce, #GenFlux. Robert Safian returns with another cover article delivering fantastic insight, including interviews and snippets of leadership theory from some of America’s top companies and their relatively young CEOs. Must read.

Invest in the Future

We may write tongue-in-cheek, but Verge Pipe Media always advocates and practices a studied approach to technology. Especially with enterprise. In that vein, Juniper Networks and Forrester Research teamed up to produce a report that is worth noting. The group surveyed 150 senior IT executives on just how adequately their current systems are handling big data and any shifts towards cloud computing. Turns out: they’re sweating the process. The research indicates cloud-computing and SaaS platforms tend to take the pressure off dedicated hardware, but they put a tremendous strain on enterprise networks. 58% of respondents indicated that the strain was enough to require them to upgrade their systems.

Old News (2 days old), But Still Insanely Cool

If you’ve resisted watching this brilliant bit of branding and stunt-to-end-all-stunts, I applaud your focus and willpower. But really, just watch it (or re-watch it). Redbull captured childhood wonder surrounding space exploration, tethered it to extreme sport and used social media to document the wild ride. ~8 million watched live on YouTube - absolutely obliterating the platform’s previous 500,000 record courtesy Prince William & Kate. Many more have watched since then. There all sorts of lessons to be learned about branding, emotional authenticity, viral exposure and cultures of innovation – not to mention courage. One of the more interesting pieces of reporting came out of Forbes, focusing not on the stuntman but rather Red Bull’s CEO. Read the short article and watch the video, you may be inspired.

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