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Football Myths and Millennial Insights

Posted by admin on Sep 20, 2012 12:27:18 PM

Enterprise Round Up, Thursday 9/20/12 | Note: headlines are links | Our series of articles focused on Millennials in the work force have been popular. What drives our young workforce? What are their motivations and concerns? Today's round up features some excellent writing on the topic. Plus, a bonus feature for football fans!

Just, Follow Your Passion

Cal Newport, a Georgetown comp. sci. assistant professor, puts some science behind the popular contention that Millennials are obsessed with finding the perfect job. Cal links the rise in popularity of the phrase "follow your passion" to the formative years of Generation Y. He uses the data to argue for education and a nuanced discussion around how people reach satisfying and fulfilling careers - the ups and the downs. The comments are interesting.

The way we see it, as a leader, there are two options: 1) forgo youthful employees, 2) invest in training and challenge your Millennial employees. Trust them to rise to the occasion. Most Generation Y-ers are happy to pay dues, so long as they feel the company cares and is investing in their future. Note: we're not talking cheesy awards and free lunches (though these are appreciated). Millennials crave impact.

It's Easy to Generalize, the Truth is More Complicated

We do it here with Verge Pipe Media's blogs, articles focused on: "Millennial insights", "Generation Y in the workforce". The trouble is, these articles include sweeping generalizations. If you employ Millennials, take note of trends but make sure you take the time to get to know them as individuals. Talk to them. Everyone's story is unique. Everyone has their own pressures and motivations. Mike Dang's article at Billfold is a fantastic reminder.

"We want to build a decent life for ourselves. This isn’t a generational thing. It’s what we all hope to build." - Mike Dang for Billfold

The Myth of Momentum Swings

Football fans: are you ready to nerd out? Bookmark this one for your lunch-time reading.

Turns out, post-interception momentum shifts are a myth. A group of MIT stat fiends tracked nearly a half million NFL plays from 2000 - 2010, noting the impact an interception had on subsequent drives. We're talking the sports equivalent of the placebo effect. Go check it out or read the full study here.

The business analogy: don't expect success to effortlessly follow success. Make sure to celebrate your triumphs and use these opportunities to rally your people. The cheerleaders, it turns out, are more than mere decoration.
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