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4 Reasons for Failing Mobile & More

Posted by admin on Sep 18, 2012 12:39:02 PM

Enterprise Round Up || Tuesday, September 18, 2012 || Headlines are links.

Four Reasons Why Enterprise Mobile Rollouts Fail

A quick, must-read on why large institutions and enterprises are getting hung up in the move to mobile. Go ahead a take five minutes to read the article. Here is the :15 second version, if you are pressed: 1) a copy-paste mentality, 2) pawning the project on IT, 3) analysis paralysis and 4) expecting returns on the actual software, without also investing in the resources (people, training, marketing, etc) that will support the technology.

How Harvard Got it Right, Despite Cheating

Let's look past last week's headlines concerning the Harvard cheating scandal. Harvard handled the crisis with aplomb. Harvard slapped themselves on the wrist, breaking the news to the media first (strategically, perhaps, alongside the Apple 5 hoopla) and following up with apologies and corrective action. Speaking to a larger point, Harvard has wisely given up on trying to hide these sorts of incidents. There is no way you can bury internal investigations these days - there are too many people with loose lips and multiple social media accounts involved in the process. It's a good lesson: use setbacks, failures and embarrassments as an opportunity to demonstrate your organization's humanity and constant strides toward improvement.

Let's Hear it for the Journalists!

Sandie Young of PR 20/20 makes a great case for the value of a journalism background. The article serves as a great reminder of what modern, everyday journalism is all about: 1) compelling stories, 2) efficient research processes, 3) respect for deadlines and 4) a desire to move the needle on website traffic, video impressions, etc. I won't delve into "state-of-the-industry" opinions here but Young essentially posits that journalists make great content producers I, of course, tend to agree! With proper training and business development experience, good journalists have an invaluable skill set for marketing and public relations teams.

Enterprise Roundup

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