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Entrepreneur profile: Don Crow

Posted by Don Crow on Oct 12, 2010, 10:00:11 AM

Don Crow towers over most people at 6 feet 5 inches. His professional appearance and tall stature are less intimidating when he smiles genuinely at anyone he may encounter. Crow radiates energy, always bouncing between projects, but never without his Smartphone.

One of those projects includes fundraising at Auburn University. His work with the university keeps him busy, but leaves enough time to practice his entrepreneur skills through one of his many businesses and projects that seem to multiply each day.

Crow began the planning of his company, Verge Pipe Media, in 2009, which creates and manages social networking and public relations for companies and non-profit organizations. The company was started in Auburn, Ala., and clients in the area include a law firm and a catering company. Verge Pipe Media focuses on web design, converging PR and marketing, mobile phone applications and making everything a company has to offer through these channels easily accessible to consumers.

After years of making connections with freelancers in the U.S. and internationally, Crow began organizing his ideas.

“I started realizing we could create a company that leveraged all of this talent with a ‘front’ person in the U.S. who could manage the project to completion and save businesses money in the process (up to 70% compared to competition),” says Crow.

Verge Pipe Media is a rapidly developing agency, and Crow hopes to occupy a prominent piece of real estate close to Auburn’s campus within the next three years. He says the agency’s bottom line is “integrity, accountability, leadership and fun.” Crow has started an intern program within the agency that he hopes will lead to full and part time employees of Verge Pipe Media.

Their first event was a golf tournament with the Auburn Chamber of Commerce in September. One of Verge Pipe Media’s next projects is working with the East Alabama Child Advocacy Center. The Center’s fundraising efforts will combine marketing through their website and utilizing Facebook.

“They are going to have an amazing campaign through the use of social media and knowing that it will ultimately benefit children is such a reward,” says Crow’s wife, Katie.

Katie is “Verge Pipe’s biggest fan 24/7,” as well as an attorney. She and Don live in Auburn and stay busy with their 6 month old baby girl, Ellerie Grace, and their two dogs, Shugar and Samford. As hectic as it may get, Katie says they still spend plenty of time together working on projects and ideas and “enjoy brainstorming time as a couple.”

Some of that brainstorming includes coming up with the logo for Verge Pipe Media. The agency’s website,, speaks for itself with bright colors, whimsical designs and vivid pictures. Its “Dr. Seuss essence” is the theme Crow strives to present while meeting his clients’ needs.

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself, any direction you choose."

This Dr. Seuss quote found on the Verge Pipe Media’s Facebook page very well describes Crow’s mentality, even though he sometimes must go in every direction all at once. His work day is never the same, but always as unbelievably hectic as the last, starting by 6:00 a.m. every day.

He works with his multiple teams overseas and covers his different projects, sometimes including Smartphone application development, and sometimes initiating a multi-million dollar fundraiser for Auburn University. Regardless, Crow says the idea of a traditional work day is nonexistent in a globally connected workforce.

Before Verge Pipe Media, Crow founded another company, Knowledge Passport Global Solutions (KPGS), which focuses on outsourcing consulting and vendor management and selection. In the eight years before KPGS, he worked numerous roles for America Online (AOL). Crow served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army for the preceding six years and got out as a captain.

Crow demonstrates great ambition by all he has accomplished in the business world, and especially by his great involvement in the blossoming social media world. His Facebook account shows links to the websites he has created. His Twitter account keeps his more than 1,100 followers updated on the latest news concerning Verge Pipe, KPGS and any other event of which he is a part. If luck is when preparation meets opportunity, then Don Crow and Verge Pipe Media will find the social media penny heads up.

About the author, Kelsey: "I'm a senior at Auburn University from Mobile, Ala. I'm a PR major and a member of AUPRCA, PRSSA & Sigma Kappa sorority."

And.....Kelsey's also one of six inaugural Verge Pipe Media Ladies! Kelsey penned this feature story about Don Crow and Verge Pipe Media for one of her classes at Auburn.

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