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Fall in love with Hashtags all over again

Posted by Don Crow on Jun 24, 2013 5:10:01 AM

Facebook’s recent announcement and adoption of clickable hashtags is welcome news for anyone in the communication, marketing and social media game.

Although the Facebook platform presents challenges unique from other social networking sites where hashtags are as common as oversharing, we still welcomed the news at Verge Pipe Media for ourselves and our clients.

One reason is we can now tailor hashtag campaigns to compliment what is running on other networks like Twitter and Instagram. Faithful readers will know that we don’t advocate for mirroring updates across all networks, and we will follow suit with making hashtag campaigns that reinforce the campaign message uniquely applied by network.

Secondly, we’ve learned that some clients don’t have as large a following on Twitter or Instagram as they do on Facebook. We’re now able to help them engage more directly with their customers and leads where those customers, leads and their friends are talking.

Along those lines, seeing the Facebook conversation amongst said customers, leads and friends help us know what keywords to focus on and how to utilize hashtags to slip into the conversation. For example, most Universities have their mascots incorporated into a campaign. But, they may not have elements of their overall University experience similarly tagged. By observing what fans and friends are saying on Facebook – which can range from Board of Trustee meetings to campus construction – we can help by including things like #BOTDay and #CampusConstruction alongside their more known, and widely publicized athletics campaigns.

Further, tapping into more universal hashtags can introduce prospective students, industry recruiters and contacts and alumni with home base. It is a way of widening the conversation without using a megaphone (always nice on social!).

Finally, as hashtag popularity creates #the #thing #which #shall #not #be #named on Facebook as it has on Twitter and Instagram, your organization should focus less on creating a new hashtag and more on capitalizing on those which are relevant and already #exist.

Hashtags may get a bad rap on other networks, but their introduction on Facebook should give your organization a new spark. You should treat this as a new date, not a retread of a tired old anniversary routine. After all, hashtags were always meant to be the spice in your organization and customer courtship and not the social flavor du jour.

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photo credit: Tom Wolf | Photography via photopin cc

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