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Four Apps to Help the Busiest Entrepreneur Stay Organized

Posted by admin on Feb 24, 2014 2:00:02 AM

As anybody who owns a business knows, being an entrepreneur takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Busy from sunup until well past sundown, hard-working business owners typically spend a huge amount of time working and on-the-go. The following four apps, a powerful mobile device and 4G coverage can help even the busiest entrepreneur stay organized and on top of things, and probably also save some valuable time in the process:


Owning a business requires great habits and routines that will ultimately lead to success. The Lift app can help with that. Jonathan Mead from Playbook notes he uses Lift whenever he wants a little help creating new work-related goals and routines. From remembering to respond to emails in a timely manner to ordering new supplies, Lift can give people the coaching, reminders and milestones they need to make it all happen. The app also offers community support, which means that users have access to thousands of others who will support and advise them, and help make them accountable.


For entrepreneurs who spend a lot of time typing on their smartphones, Fleksy is a useful app that is also a huge time saver. Fleksy is a replacement keyboard for smartphones and tablets. It is a QWERTY keyboard with an innovative engine that will help to predict texts. Fleksy’s auto correct feature can even work when users are not looking at the screen. With its larger typing area, people on their mobile devices can type away quickly and easily. The free app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is optimized for iPhone 5.


Entrepreneurs work constantly, but if they do not have the time to collect on their overdue invoices, they might as well be working for free. As Venture Beat notes, the Invoice2go app helps business owners stay on top of their invoicing and finances. After writing up and sending an invoice, the handy app will mark it as either unpaid or paid. It can also create reports that detail any outstanding bills, and it can even send reminders to clients from a tablet or phone. The invoice software also features invoice templates that can be personalized with the business information and logos. The app costs $9.99 and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Fantastical allows users to see their calendars without constantly having to open the calendar application. As Fastcompany notes, Guy Kawasaki loves this handy little app. The author of numerous books and former bigwig at Apple likes the way Fantastical helps him keep tabs on his busy schedule. Users can create a new event by opening the app with just one keystroke. After entering the most basic details and hitting the return button, the new event will be in the calendar. The app is even able to recognize where the event is happening, and it can invite those in the region to attend, should the user want to utilize this feature. Fantastical is $1.99 and optimized for the iPhone 5. It also works with the iPad and iPod.

About our Guest Blogger: Mark Austin | Mark is a trendsetter, gadget lover, and tech blogger.

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