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Friday Quick Thought: Ditch DIY

Posted by Don Crow on Mar 2, 2012 4:00:47 AM

FULL DISCLAIMER: Like the author of this article, my agenda may be seen as shamelessley promoting a professional services design firm like say, oh I don't know....maybe Verge Pipe Media?

We are working with a number of prospective, small eCommerce shops on modernizing and optimizing their websites - or believe it or not, transitioning away from facebook page only to a full service eCommerce site. Most of them balk at our rates, which in all honesty, are razor thin priced and carry considerable risk for us. But, we're a small business and are committed to helping business owners get started correctly in the online world with the thought our karma will come back to us as the business grows and they seek additional marketing and online services, from us.

NOTE: When we "lose" the work, it is often to template shops and DIY webdesign software.

I shake my head in disbelief as I watch the same owner who says no to fully customized web solutions, say yes to ridiculous ad solutions in print and broadcast.

A recent prospect has me believing this is all about to change. We built a fully custom html5/css3 web solution for a professional services firm, Science Solutions, which is perfect for anyone with an iPad, smartphone or other tablet device. Their customers have become iPad friendly and expect to work with a provider who projects a clean, professional, polished and tech-savvy solution to their problems. Sound familiar? It should, your buyers and customers probably want and expect the very same thing.

Back to said prospect.

She's launching an eCommerce business specific to hard to find and delicate subject gifts. She needs to be focused on product and customer experience - NOT building her own website or hiring out a template which looks like every other online gift store on the web. Showing her what Science Solutions is doing helped tip the scales in our favor. Common sense won the day and her response was, "our customers will very likely hear the news about a loved one on the phone. How wonderful it will be for them to hang up, go online on their phone or nearby tablet, and find us!"

Don't just take my quick thought on it though, read the full article about Small Business Website Design here.

The Forrester Research report is available for purchase here (it is $499).

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