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Game of Thrones: Facebook, Pinterest and Pinview

Posted by admin on May 2, 2012 11:53:47 AM

Once upon a time, Facebook ruled the world but, as they say, the top gets lonely. One evening, Facebook stumbled upon the youngest, most beautiful social darling in all the virtual world. Her name was Pinterest. She was dearly beloved by the public, something he had not felt himself since the dark ages pre-Timeline.

Facebook fell in love - his simple functionality and her alluring beauty would surely create something special. And thus a child was born, whom they named PinView, a Facebook app that turns your Timeline layout into a Pinterest board.

And, it is truly a chip off the ol’ block.

PinView takes elements from Facebook and turns them into a grid sorted by popularity, allowing you to browse the news feed, Timeline or friend pages. Just like you would browse Pinterest.

Users can attempt to digest ALL the latest news at once, or sift through photos and video. Either way, you are faced with a flood of visuals. PinView is truly an image-dominated platform.

Like every child, PinView picked up momma’s looks and daddy’s brains, for better or for worse. But we’ll let you decide if PinView is worthy of the family name.

The good genes:
1. PinView is photo-heavy, allowing you to quickly scan lots of image-rich content, which is the dialect of the future.
2. A quick glance reveals all of the top news from all of your friends, which means...
3. No more scroooollllllling.
4. Unlike Pinterest, there are less pictures of food, furniture and wedding dresses. And, unlike Pinterest, there are men hanging around.

The bad genes:
1. There is no organization or natural flow of information. Everything feels cluttered at first glance. It may cause anxiety for the Type A personality.
2. PinView doesn’t provide anything unique, new or extremely useful.
3. Its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. Pinview is image-driven, but the content on Facebook is not as visually captivating as Pinterest's usual content. So it feels like a cheap knock off.
4. There is no sense of when updates are published (beyond their position on the grid), adding to the disorganization.

But don’t take our word for it. Play with PinView for yourself, here.

My conclusions:
While PinView is really cool, it doesn’t possess the raw functionality of Facebook. And, while pretty, it doesn’t quite capitalize on image-rich content like Pinterest. I had fun playing around in PinView, especially the ‘friends view,’ but in the end, it feels more like the bastard child of two social media powerhouses.

Article by: Micah Whitehead, Imagineer || @micahdwhitehead

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