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Getting’ a Kick out of Sticker Mule

Posted by Don Crow on Feb 28, 2012, 3:30:43 AM

I’ll admit, when I first saw the offer that led me to I was skeptical. Cool site, bold up-front promise, “Easy online ordering, 5 day turnaround and personal 24/7 service. Free shipping,” and more than a handful of eye-catching samples.

Call it the parent in me, but the only stickers I’m accustomed to are the ones my kids paste to the windows, walls and appliances in the house. #NotAFan

And then, I attended a Digital Marketing conference and noticed everyone there but me had their laptop skinned, stickered and plastered from corner to corner. The conference was even giving away a sticker when you checked in.

I mean really, who does that anymore?

Apparently, everyone. Sans @DonCrow

So, I placed an order. A small one of about $100 with a design I’d done myself and clicked my way through the Sticker Mule order process. Again, I’m skeptical because of so many times with different print houses placing orders, reviewing the proof and then receiving a product that underwhelmed.

That first order was placed on a Saturday. I got an email. So far, so good. Monday morning I got another email indicating my proof was ready for my review and approval. So far, even better. I of course approved this slick design - it was mine after all - and was immediately rewarded with an expected shipping date. So far, I’m impressed.

Another plus? Easy to share your proof via facebook and twitter. Bonus points to you Sticker Mule.

Fast forward to first order arrival. I opened them, and there’s a postcard inside telling me who reviewed my order for accuracy, completeness and all those other things companies don’t bother with anymore in the online fulfillment business. And oh yeah.....they arrived on the date promised.

Next test? Consumer - both VPM employees and not - reaction.

Lo and behold, the response was tremendous! I asked, “anyone want one of our new VPM stickers?” They jumped out of my hand like the flying fish of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Likewise the response to the photo of the new sticker proudly displayed on my laptop which I even more proudly tweeted and facebook shared to the world.

Now I’m not suggesting a sticker order from is going to turn your brand around. But what I am suggesting is that stickers are the new t-shirts, cozies, key chains and all those other trinkets for which we receive an average of 2.1 catalogs for per week.

We've placed two subsequent orders, and with the last order I finally rejected a proof. Not knowing what to expect, I asked for a thin line as a border and that “they” match the color to the darkest green in the logo. I kid you not, one hour later I had another proof to review. Those stickers are now in hand as well.

I truly couldn’t be happier with the process and product. I think you will be too.

We review and comment on a lot of stuff here at Verge Pipe Media. Sometimes, if the product, app or service is really bad, we keep it to ourselves. But, we always comment when we’re thrilled beyond belief with a product, app or service.

Welcome to the stage, Sticker Mule.

Ease of Ordering (5 of 5). If @DonCrow can do it in a half dozen clicks and one upload....well, you can too.

Submission and Review (5 of 5). Any order process online lives and dies by its shopping cart and order accuracy review process. Sticker Mule may have set the bar out of reach.

Customer Service (5 of 5). They do what they say they are going to do - which is proudly posted front and center of their website. I’ve not had to return any stickers, so based on what I know and have seen you won’t be disappointed here either.

The Product (5 of 5). Let’s face it, nail the previous three areas and dork the product up and you’ll get by. Barely. Everyone, and I do mean everyone who we’ve given a sticker to has commented on the feel (touch) and the ease with which the stickers are applied or even removed. They look and feel like a much more expensive product than what you pay.

“Fun” Factor (6 of 5). We’re Verge Pipe Media. We don’t do anything unless we can have or make fun doing it. How nice it is to meet an organization who believes the same things!

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