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Google Now, What?!

Posted by admin on Aug 2, 2012 2:23:23 PM

Apple VS Google. Frenemies 4 Eva.

These companies continue to duke it out as leaders in sweeping, global innovation. In the mobile realm, Apple has enjoyed a comfy lead and the 2011 debut of Siri was meant to tighten that chock hold. What a tease.

Enter: Google Now - the counter punch.

Google Now is a voice search database on Android devices that enables a user to speak directly to their phone and get search results. But we’ve all heard that before... what does Google do that is different? Well, Google Now takes that existing idea and adds an irresistible touch of clever widgets, geo-location tagging and recommended searches to make browsing much more convenient.

When you open Google Now it automatically lists several suggestions based on your location, previous searches and personal recommendations. For most people, the home screen would display the weather, their appointments/meetings and scores to their favorite teams. Google Now combines all your day to day activities, enabling your phone to help run your life.

The service uses geo-location tagging to determine where you are in the world, providing tips/ideas. These tips include restaurants you might like, attractions that fit your personality and even the exchange rate if you happen to be in Europe. Once you’re done with each “card” of information, just swipe up and move onto the next. The more you use your phone the more it will detect your hobbies, interest and activities. You’re in control of everything you see which is one of the most appealing pieces of Google Now.

That’s not even the most impressive feature though.

The intriguing part is the voice search function.. In fact, it works so well that you could ask, “What college did Natalie Portman attend?” and it would pull up the information in less then a second - all displayed on a neat card. You can even ask math problems like, “What is the square root of 144?” and receive a quick and decisive answer of “12.” The possibilities are endless. Just watch the video and see for yourself. A list of 40+ commands are shown off which demonstrates the advancements that Google Now has offered us. Google Now is taking browsing to a whole new level.

With the advancements in voice technology we can only wonder what will come next. Could this eliminate texting and driving? Could we completely operate our phones through voice commands? Will our phone become a nerve center, connecting digital devices and the online world to what is going on right in front of us? Possibly.

One thing we know for certain is that Google has made yet another revolutionary product that may change the future of phones forever. Let us know your thoughts!

Article by: Jonathan Deurlein, Imagineer |

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