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Have Your Posts Seen on Facebook (Without Paying) | #PoolRead

Posted by admin on May 20, 2014 4:05:52 AM

have your posts seen on FacebookOh, Facebook. It’s become the new social media platform that we all love to hate – and for good reason. Facebook allowed businesses and bloggers to utilize them for free advertising for years. Then all of a sudden they started taking away the freebies and no we have to pay for people to see our posts. It’s frustrating to say the least.

But there are still a few ways to have your posts seen on Facebook (not by nearly as many fans as before, but still worth the effort). I haven't completely given up on Facebook, and in case you haven't either, here are a few tips on sharing.

1. Use a full size horizontal image.

People are more naturally attracted to posts with images, so it’s best to include a full-size image in your post (not the preview image that Facebook generates) for maximum exposure. Bonus tip: make sure that image is watermarked in case it goes viral and people are looking for the original source!

2. Customize your post to your readers.

Don't just link drop and run. Have a chatty intro, and add a question that is relevant to your fans.

3. Add a trackable link.

Use a service like to track the actual clicks that you get from a post. Don't rely solely on Facebook's "seen by" or "talking about" numbers to help you gauge the success of a post.

4. Reshare posts.

Don't be afraid to reshare a previous post later in the week or month, especially if it received a lot of attention the first time around. If it’s relevant content for your readers, it won’t hurt to post twice. Bonus tip: reshare from the original post to help boost your Facebook numbers.

5. Don't sweat it.

Facebook changes its algorithms more than some people change socks, so don’t worry too much about your numbers. Focus on interacting with your fans and providing them with great content, and the numbers will come.

Here's to conquering Facebook, one post at a time!

About our Author: Kelley Grant | Mama to 2. Social media addict. Lover of easy recipes with simple ingredients. Wanna be gardener. Obsessed with anchors, avocados and pasta. See more of her work at The Grant Life.
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