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It Was the Summer of '69 |The Music of Mad Men

Posted by Allison Gair on Mar 26, 2014 4:17:17 AM

The Beatles. The Band. And The Rolling Stones. The year was 1969. And it was a memorable year at that. 1969 is arguably the best year in music. From timeless albums to Woodstock, those that lived during this year will never forget it. And the rest of us just wish we were born in an earlier decade.

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Woodstock consisted of dozens of the most famous performers in the world at the time, playing together in an atmosphere of peace with nature and love. It is still one of the largest concerts in history. Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, The Who, The Band, and Jimi Hendrix are just a few of the bands that played over the three day span in Bethel, New York. Rolling Stones magazine listed it as one of the 50 Moments that Changed the History of Rock and Roll.

Creedence Clearwater Revival became a breakthrough artist in the late 60’s and in 1969 released not one, not two, but three studio albums with multiple number one singles on each album. From “Born on the Bayou”, “Proud Mary”, and “Bad Moon Rising” all reaching record numbers on the national Billboard chart, it made 1969 one of the best years the band ever had. CCR played at Woodstock in the summer of ’69, playing new tunes from the upcoming album that they would release later that year.

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We know Don Draper wasn’t a big fan of The Beatles or “hippie music” in general, but 1969 was a big year for both. In ’69, The Beatles released their 11th studio album, Abbey Road. With popular songs like “Come Together” and “Here Comes the Sun”, the album would become one of the most remembered by The Beatles before their disbanding a year later.

Music is an important aspect in peoples’ lives after all it shapes history. Here at Verge Pipe Media, we use music as a tool to spark creativity. Whether its hip-hop or classic rock, we always have something playing in the office to get those creative juices flowing. Make sure you join us on Sunday April 13th at Piccolo’s at the Auburn Hotel and Conference Center for the season 7 premiere of Mad Men. We can’t promise there will be a lot of music, but we can promise drinks, costumes, and a great conversation. Mark your calendars and get your affairs in order.

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