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Kibits: Mobile Networking Gets Cozy

Posted by admin on Apr 9, 2012 4:06:56 PM

I know what you are thinking, “Do I really need another social networking app littering my smart phone?” Well Kibits, a Cambridge, Mass. startup, claims they bring something new and original to the social networking app market.

Kibits gives you the ability to create small, intimate social networks with the blink of an eye. We're not talking "groups" within Facebook. Kibits lets you create many different, super-specific networks, thus leading to subject-focused conversation and sharing.

The app syncs with your Facebook friends and phone/email contacts, and also connects with people based on calendar appointments and general proximity of you and your phone.

By this point you are probably wondering, “OK, so I can create micro-networks... so what?” Within each micro-network, Kibits goes far beyond text-based conversation. Users can share and post photos, videos, links, locations, notes and documents. Kibits has the potential to be a useful tool for small group communication and creative hubs.

Suppose you have a big project coming up or perhaps an important business presentation; Kibits gives you the ability to share, view and discuss anything associated with that project or presentation from anywhere, all on the fly.

By most accounts, Kibits is working diligently to attract new users. With a large pool of mobile social apps out there it is hard to say how well it will do. For me, however, Kibits seems to have a unique edge.

Breakin' it Down

Available on: Currently Kibits is available only for iPhone, but the Android complement is in the works.

Cost: $0.0o. Yep it's FREE… no paying to connect with your friends.

Ease of Installation: 5/5
· Kibits was extremely straight forward and easy to install. Simply enter your email address or connect with Facebook, and start “Kibits-ing.”

Ease of Use: 5/5
· The app was very user friendly. After a few minutes browsing around, I figured it all out and was ready to begin.

General Utility: 4/5
· The only down side I could detect about Kibits is making sure those in your micro-network actually keep up with everything.

User Engagement: 5/5
· Kibits seems to be everything you want from a mobile social networking app.

Keeper Factor: 4/5
· If you have a lot of different little projects going on in your life Kibits will experience quite a bit of action on your phone!


Article by: Josh Vandergrift, Imagineer ||

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