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Will Facebook Become the New LinkedIn

Posted by Addi Rogers on Feb 26, 2014 2:45:38 AM

Facebook? Or LinkedIn?

Facebook is taking over the world one social media platform at a time. They bought out Instagram, introduced hashtags, and created a search engine feature. Just last week they purchased the popular messaging app, WhatsApp for $19 billion, and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down any time soon.

On Thursday, Facebook announced that they have developed a way for advertisers to target users based on their job titles, which may create some competition for LinkedIn. The feature will be available to their entire ad-buying interface “allowing advertisers around the world to reach precise audiences based on four main targeting types: location, demographic, interests and behaviors,” according to Facebook.

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The location targeting type will allow brands to market campaigns to a variety of geographic locations such as country and city, state and city, country and state, or state and ZIP code. It will also include a feature that allows users to exclude certain areas.

With the demographic targeting type, businesses will be able to keep better tabs on relationship statuses and life changes like getting engaged or having a baby. For instance, a bridal shop would be able to utilize the demographic feature to advertise to people who recently declared their relationship status as “engaged” on Facebook.

As far as the interests targeting type, Facebook simplified how marketers can reach people by allowing them to choose just on keyword rather than a broad category of keywords. For instance, if marketers chose “gymnastics” as their targeted segment, it would pull all people that have “liked” or talked about gymnastics on Facebook.

The last targeting type Facebook will integrate is behaviors. It will give marketers the ability to target their campaign based on what people have purchased online and what device they use.

Facebook will also develop a searchable database of jobs for all Facebook users to browse, called “Facebook Jobs.” Both new implementations will directly compete with LinkedIn, but this won’t be the first time LinkedIn has to worry about Facebook stealing their spotlight. BranchOut, a Facebook app with 25 million users, allows people to see what companies their friends’ work for. Unlike LinkedIn, they do not have to develop their network from person to person; it connects them with all of their pre-existing friends at once.

However, LinkedIn is making a few changes of their own. This week they launched improvements to their “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature, which will now allow users to see data-driven insights such as how the viewer found the user and keywords the viewer was using to search. LinkedIn also added real-time personalized tips to help users improve their profiles and make themselves more discoverable to businesses.

So, what’s next? Will people continue to use LinkedIn to develop their professional careers or will Facebook take over? Only time will tell.

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